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    squads on ps4

      where is squads on ps4? I maybe the only person who plays it, compared to multi player. But I would still like to play, after all I did pay for it.

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          Re: squads on ps4

          I posted on another post in this forum about not being able to play squads since upgrading to ps4 from ps3. It was deleted, and a post from FlavaSpinkes was there asking about my friend and myself upgrading ghost from ps3 to ps4.

          I had major problems with Black Ops 2, when it came out. Now I can't even play against my clan on squads, and my clan leader upraded to ps 4 also! This is the last game I am buying from Activion!

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            Re: squads on ps4

            Hey sabernub,


            Thanks for posting! Can you please be specific as what issue you are having with squads? If you are referring to where the Squads game mode is located, it is in the main menu when you start the game below the Multiplayer option.



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              Re: squads on ps4

              um, I was playing squads on day one of release! I upgraded to Ps4, now no squads! How much more info do you need? I am done deta testing your product for you, figure it out your selfs.

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