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    ps4 ghosts

      hey activsion im getting really pissed off because I go to play a match on the ps4 it keeps disconnecting me so please fix it

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          Re: ps4 ghosts

          Hi there,


          If you are still experiencing this issue, here are some tips you may want to try.


          You can always check online services status here http://www.callofduty.com/ghosts/status


          If online services are fully operational and you are still unable to connect, you may want to try the following.


          • Reboot your router.
          • Try using a wired connection in order to sustain the connection quality.
          • To help identify if there is an issue with the router or blocked ports, try connecting directly through the modem. 
          • Check the NAT type.  Is it Open, Moderate or Strict?
          • Establish a static IP address and port forward. 


          Here are the port numbers you will need:

          PS: Activision Support


          Should you have any questions on how to port forward, please contact your ISP or the router manufacturer.


          Regards ^AH

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