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      Can someone please help me with this,

      On my xbox, it doesnt say im in a clan, but on the iOS app, when i go to 'my profile' it says im in a clan, but im the only member of it. But that is not the problem!

      The problem is that, when i go to my mates clan roster it says im in it, but if my mate goes on the roster via his xbox it does not say im in it. I want to be in my mates clan, but it says im in some random clan, and when my mate invites me it doesnt let me see them.

      It's like this:

      My xbox- Not in a clan at all, but wont let me see invites.

      Mates xbox- has 7 members, but can only see 6. I should be the 7th.

      My iOS app- says im in an old clan, but cannot leave.

      My iOS app- when i go to my mates clan, says 7 people on roster including myself.

      Mates iOS app- says im in clan.

      Here is the other weird thing: When you go on the clan via iOS app, it says 'Roster [7]', but in the leaderboard thing it only shows 6 people.

      This clan system is seriously ****** up and needs to be fixed!

      Do i need to create a new COD account in order for this **** thing to work?!