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    [Level 24 clan] [289-1 clan battle record] [XBOX 360 only] [USA based clan] looking for recruits


      GBG clan is looking for recruits on COD: Ghosts. With humble beginnings as an army of two on Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 in 2008, GBG rapidly became the most dominant team in the game's history. Records set by our clan's aggressive rise to the top are still unbroken today, including an unprecedented current clan battle record of 289 wins and 1 loss. Our ruthless campaign to effectively eliminate all opposing forces on TC's RSV2 was overwhelmingly successful and in late 2012, a command decision was made to focus on a new game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. GBG continued its winning streak on MW3 and we looked forward to facing new challenges and talent. We now turn our attention to COD: Ghosts and look forward to finding quality members to join our ranks and continue our dominance.


      Basic Requirements:

      Everybody can always refine their skills and being trained by our distinguished clan will push you to your limitations and make you the best. Interested in joining us? You must meet the following requirements:

                    - have a positive attitude (we want dedicated individuals focused on the TEAM not themselves)

                    - be responsible (be able to notify clan staff if you cannot make it to clan practices, wars, or battles)

                    - be at least 18 years old (no exceptions)

                    - have an XBOX 360

                    - have a working headset (no Kinects)

                    - be able to play every Saturday night at 7:00 PM PST* for team practice

                    - be online at least 3 nights a week during clan wars*

                    - have outstanding communication skills

                    - have a kill/death ratio of 1.5 minimum*

                          * Exceptions will be made for any active duty or retired military personnel that wish to join.


      We are currently looking for a logistics specialist who would manage our website and other support. In this capacity, some requirements may be waived. For inquiries, see contact information below.



      In short, we want people that are in it for the long haul. We want those that are focused on joining a clan set in traditions, honor, and success. We have some of the finest, dedicated gamers you will ever play with including active duty and retired military personnel. If you join us, someone will ALWAYS have your back. This is a brotherhood first and foremost. If you meet all the listed requirements, contact us to begin your recruiting process! Upon confirmation that you meet all requirements, you will be subjected to an in-game tryout* to determine if you are a good addition to the clan. Recruitment slots are limited, (new recruits keep being removed do to their lack of participation and/or their negative attitudes) so do not hesitate!

           * military personnel are exempt from tryouts


      Other Clans:

      To schedule a clan battle, see contact information below.

      To request a clan alliance, see contact information below.

      To request a clan merger, see contact information below.

      Contact Us:

      GBG Alpha SOC Commanding Officer:


                Maj, GBG

      The fastest way to contact GaudiestFiveOne would be directly through Xbox Live.

      To be recruited, send a text message via Xbox Live with your age and kill/death ratio in the message.

      Please be specific in your message as it will expedite your recruiting process.

      All questions and recruitment inquiries will be responded to within 24 hours. If you do not receive a response, you are either ineligible to join, your message was not received, or your message was unintelligible.

      Tryouts are conducted daily after 8:00 PM Pacific Standard Time and every Saturday night at 7:00 Pacific Standard Time. It is the recruit's responsibility to schedule their tryout. Space is limited, whoever passes their tryout first, will be recruited.