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    Xbox360/XboxONE/PS4 clan, Instant Death Squad is recruiting!

      Started in 2009, Instant Death Squad (IDS) is an XBOX360/XBOXone/Playstation 4 Gaming Clan with members from around the world and our mission is to provide an engaging and competitive environment for gamers of ages 18 and above and of any abilities.


      But what sets us apart from other clans?


      We boast both casual & competitive players of the Call of Duty, Battlefield and Halo Series.

      A professional website and forum facility.

      Organized clan structure and clan ranks updated monthly.

      Active COD: Elite Founder Clan - With yellow clan tags & special clan title.

      Active Battlelog.

      Active Competitive teams on GB, PGL and other websites and tournaments.

      Clanmates who are fun to play with, who place the team above themselves.

      Clanmates who are mature and treat all fellow players with respect.

      And most of all, Clanmates who want to play the objective and win!



      All you have to do to join is..


      To be active on XBL or the PSN and our website for the required 2 week trial and be at LEAST 18 years of age.

      Register at www.instantdeathsquad.net and let your new adventure begin!


      IDS welcomes you,


      UwishUhadA Duck

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