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    Ideas for Clan vs Clan/Clan Wars: Please Take These into Consideration

      So, I am honestly worried about the clan wars. Right now the league-play replacing clan vs clan is just inferior on a multitude of levels and I am hoping that clan wars will be different, that being said I'm skeptical. Infinityward has a record of not supporting competitive Call of Duty the way Treyarch does, however that doesn't mean that can't change. Here are some suggestions for clan wars/clan vs clan that can also be used to help GB/MLG.


      1. Clan vs Clan should ban according to MLG/GB rules

           The senior community manager Tina Palacios said "it's going to have MLG rules and it's going to be 4-on-4 multiplayer, I think fans are going to be really excited for that." However this promise has not came true. The offical rules as it stands now is present here Call of Duty: Ghosts Rules - Ghosts 4v4 Kick Off Tournament Tournament - CoD: Ghosts for PlayStation 3 (PS3) - GameBatt…


      2. Bring back Capture the Flag and Hardpoint

           Capture the Flag should be extremely easy to bring back, just like S&D. It's already been coded for by the company and can be as simply as placing flags on each map. Hardpoint however might be a little difficult but then again infinityward is known for creating many new gametypes like kill confirmed, infected, cracked, etc. Get these gamemodes in the rotation of clan vs clan. This will also help MLG. These gamemodes are not inheritly campy or 'cheap'. They are known for their skill oriented gameplay.


      3. Get rid of Blitz and Domination on the Clan vs Clan rotation

           Blitz isn't only what many call 'cheap' but it isn't extremely skill orientated. Theres not really any point in defending something that can be scored on even if the runner dies. Domination however is a little different, it is more skill based but it tends to be a camp-fest like teamdeath match. I'd be ok with domination staying however I would prefer it being replaced with Hardpoint (let CTF replace Blitz).


      4. Make Clan vs Clan separate from public matches

           It's annoying that right now clan vs clan is based entirely off public matches. Everything is suppose to be unlocked so no player has an unfair advantage just because they are higher level in public match. This goes again with the banning of certain things, it should be different from regular public match.

      5. Make Clan vs Clan stats separate from public match stats

           It's ridiculous that a win against noobs is the same against a win against pros (the same can be said about losing). Also, its important to know the difference between the two, maybe I want to track my competitive wins but I can't unless I write them down. Even then, it based on my word and not the system's. This goes along with making clan vs clan separate.


      6. Ensure that there will be leagues/ladders based on competitive play

            I'm fairly certain this is the whole premise behind clan wars but please make this not go into public matches. It would be a shamed if they did what they did in mw3 with having objectives to pub stop and farm for lobbies. Have clan wars be based on competitive play, this means clan vs clan. Don't make this whole thing go into a "who's the biggest pub-stopper" game. Also, try to emulate the league-play system and let each win count as much as each lost when deciding a clan's rank.


      7. Do not allow the ability for clans to back out of lobbies

           Just like black ops 2 and league play, make sure that clans don't farm for weaker clans to exploit the system. Of course one can always dashboard but it should be made harder to do so less people do it



      Any other suggestions or crticisms? Tweet @teanah if you think these should be highly considered.

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          Re: Ideas for Clan vs Clan/Clan Wars: Please Take These into Consideration

          Oh...and add Clan vs Clan Hardcore modes. Many clans prefer HC and in order to participate in that mode you have to play HC...that really stinks.

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              Re: Ideas for Clan vs Clan/Clan Wars: Please Take These into Consideration

              Well I think the whole competitive scene should be based around GB/MLG norms, HC is not played professionally on a high enough level and that then means there is less players. Less players mean less clans and that means if it would be add it wouldn't be diverse and thus no in the interest of the company to continue holding that playlist. I think the reason why there are less people right now in clan vs clan than league play is mainly because of bugs and forcing people to part in 3 but also that clan vs clan is considered 'cheap' and 'unfair' with things needing to be balanced.

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                  Re: Ideas for Clan vs Clan/Clan Wars: Please Take These into Consideration

                  I understand what you are saying and if that is the intention behind "Clan vs Clan" then it should technically reward the clan with XP as it isn't right that there isn't a HC variant IMO.  I would rather see them have a seperate "Competitive" area where this occurs and then have Clan vs Clan be integrated into the multiplayer in both Core and HC so that clans can use that to level up.  Again, I get what you are saying, but I don't play in Clan vs Clan to get the MLG rules, I play in Clan vs Clan as it's a fun concept for one clan to team up with another clan to try and win in a more strategic manner and still reward your clan for it.

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                      Re: Ideas for Clan vs Clan/Clan Wars: Please Take These into Consideration

                      All I'm proposing is to make clan vs clan what Infinityward promised it would be, an alternate to League Play. So far it's basically team tactical. It should be a place based primarily on placement rank and ladders with bonus xp for MP after a match (just like BO2). League play was so fun because it made the competitive scene more available to the less extreme player. I used League Play not only to have fun but to step up my MP game as well, I have no interest in MLG or serious competitive just a place to go to get better. Pub stopping some noobs isn't really that hard 

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