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    Comparing games



      I play various other games from GTA-V, Tekken Tag II, BF and some other non popular downloadable games I tend to return to COD.


      Don't get me wrong the game is fun, but when you compare it to other games that you play what reason is it to you better?


      My reason: Friends list and ghost has returned the fun factor back into COD



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          Re: Comparing games

          I don't let my friends dictate what I play. Hence, I play what I want to, when I want to.

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            Re: Comparing games

            For me CoD isn't better than many of the other games I play. Its all about mood what I play.

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              Re: Comparing games

              I think because we are all so familiar with COD from the years of playing its like going to see an old friend again

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                Re: Comparing games

                COD is the only serie I still play.

                Used to play a lot of need for speeds. Until the made is mario kart style. No matter what AI will be better. You having the car with the highest topspeed and driving it at top speed still being passed by AI with slower cars

                GTA: It's more of the same only looks different. (GTA5 not played)

                FM: not the cash for the last one. Ghosts was more important.

                soccer games I don't like

                halo only fun in co-op campaign

                just like other games. I only like sp for example. Not worth to buy it than.

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                  Re: Comparing games

                  For the first time since WaW, I didn't consume myself with CoD the first week. I was so hemmed up with GTA5 Online's achievements and awards. Didn't think I'ld enjoy Ghosts sooo much. I was embracing for impact after BO2.


                  I was there for the midnight launch and the Tuesday after just because I couldn't resist and had a great first impression. Its the adrenaline from casual competition that keeps me addicted. When I first played CoD4 in HD along with other players from the comfort of their sofa's, I knew this game was made for me.


                  I only play 3 or 4 games a year. In terms of time, I'ld say CoD takes up 90% of my gaming time. Once I get 100% achievement completion in other games, I'm usually done. CoD is my biggest past time and goes way past achievements or max prestige for me.


                  Never played other popular multi games like Halo, BF, or GOW.

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