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      I have been playing this game since it came out on pc, at first it was very fun. Alot of good people and bad people {who i love easy kills}


      But recently there have been alot of hackers, not good players! HACKERS!!!. They shot me across the map. i dont even see my self. They get some impossible kills. I add some of them as friends and they change their name after ever match { curious }. They aim before you come round the corner i have "dead silent" , they dont have amplify that`s for sure. They some times snap, and some of them have like 200 kills and are prestige 1 or 2 or 3 or 4.......... { more curios }


      players like me are starting to regret ever getting this game and would like a refund, but that is not happening as i have seen on steam



      so please put in an anti cheat on the game, get rid of all the hackers


          Making such topics doesn't help, if they cared they already did something about it, but they don't...

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              I can understand his frustration I have started similar posts myself. I disagree that I (the customer playing MP) should be the reporting vehicle for cheaters/hack users. I didn't read anything in the game manual about how its up to me to report every cheater/hack user in the game. It's getting old, actually.


              Here's an idea. How about IW pay for Punkbuster at least that will be something.

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              Ghosts is in very much need of the PunkBuster  anti-cheat. I was in game just a few min, ago and

              we had players sniping thru the walls. I even observed on the kill cam players following you thru the wall with their

              scopes. It the Dev's care about the future of this game and just not fast buck they will add PunkBuster asap..

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                they don't need anti-cheat, just dedi servers!

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                    I've been playing CoD since the first one they released and I've seen a lot of stuff out there. Without PB

                    to back up the Dedi Servers the players will still be able to bring anything they want to the server with them.

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                        I agree (we need anticheat) The PC community is filled with cheaters, If we rent them servers then it will be a community of cheaters renting servers.


                        We need a working anti-cheat. it's obvious the last patch did very little to stop cheaters. I can still buy a cheat & play this game without getting banned and i'd like to see activision or whoever say i can't! This game can be cheated if you pay money.


                        Allowing us to rent servers doesn't help this problem. If your a legit admin that bans cheats (no one will play in your servers) because all the cheaters will claim that you ban (pro's). if pro means banning someone who cheats but isn't detected by an anti cheat then i agree with them when they call themselves pro's.


                        PC is the only platform where you have cheaters actually believing they are skilled players because they can cheat for ever without getting banned.


                        Sorry guys the community can't fix this with dedicated servers because a large portion of our community runs to cheat sites and buys cheats to play. they have to stop cheating 1st. giving us control isn't the answer. Most admins are using cheats or allow their clan to use cheats by keeping a closed eye to it. (oh my team of players is amazing) and that's all they care about. they truly don't care that they are all stealth cheaters using an aimbot, they have a great team for their leagues and that's all they care about. (shoot if anticheat can't detect my guys why should I butt in) is what most admins do (that's if they aren't a stealth cheater themselves using the aimbot discreetely).

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                        They need both.

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                        If you play PC you're gonna deal with cheaters on a regular basis. There is no AC that stops them from running the game. Also since PC's are self built, there is only one company effected by this (the game manufacturer). Cheat companies know they can only go so far when it comes to consoles before MS and Sony jump to put a stop to it. With PC the best you can hope for is they get caught and banned by the dev- but then they will just gen another key and be back in minutes.

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                          I played a round of domination today, my first game, I called out one player for using wallhack and he replied "and aimbot" then he continued to slay everyone.. I reported him, but that does absolutely ZERO to help us fair players enjoy our game!!


                          This game is fail from the outset with no anti cheat mechanism!


                          Roll on titanfall and treyarch's next release

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                              I'm being constanly flamed as wallhacker, simply because i move with reflex sight on alot; especially indoor and it looks like i'm aiming the player when they come around the corner. There is propably some cheaters, but i'm sure majority of the players is playin fair.

                              If someone admits hes using aimbot hes most likely joking, because 80% of the games someone is blaming someone using aimbot/wallhack(and camping) and it starts sound really silly in the long run.

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                                  You do realize that their cheating can be seen on killcams.  I was torn to shreds on a blitz game by a hacker and called him out on it.  My entire team bolted after they realized I wasn't just blowing smoke.  I stuck around to get at least one kill on him.  I killed his dog then knifed him and quit.  Cheaters suck and there needs to be a fix for this.

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                                They could care less about hacker's. They have your money and I would not be surprised if they owned most of the hacking sites. As long as they pay for the game it matters not to them.

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                                  I couldn't agree more, here is a live stream from earlier today I captured, guy is following us around hacking every lobby we go into cuz we wouldn't let him join our clan. We were polite and tried to find him another clan to join but he still felt the need to troll us and is making it unplayable for us. I reported him to steam support, on steam and to activision; along with the video link as evidence.

                                  I completely agree it is out of control.






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                                    Tell me, when came mw3 were conversations on this forum about the number of cheaters, that's impossible to play? Something has changed? To **** on us they wanted. IW supports cheating and distributes cheats. Since at least 15% of the players without cheating can not play.

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                                      bump.. games dying at least make an effort to reduce hacking.

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                                        Hi there,


                                        Should you encounter a user not playing the game as intended, please take a moment to use the in-game feature and report the player. Activision Support  This is the best way to have the report reviewed.


                                        Thanks ^AH