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    Free fall map on PS4?

      I originally bought ghosts digitally for the ps3. I did the $10 dollar upgrade for on the ps4 and downloaded it. I looked for the free fall map everywhere but I didn't get the ps4 free fall one. I check the playstation website in my download list and I only have the ps3 version and also since I have the digital version I can't do the workaround activision posted. Is there anyway for me to get the free fall map again?

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          Re: Free fall map on PS4?

          I havent played the map once... same thing, upgraded and entered the code on ps4.. its downloaded but i havent seen it once, and there is no moshpit option to play it

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            Re: Free fall map on PS4?

            Hello All!


            I understand that you are having issues with your digital content transferring over to the Next Gen consoles. Here goes a link outlining steps that may assist you in downloading your content to the PS4: Activision Support. Please be sure to follow the steps as outlined. Deviating from the process may deliver a different result. Please let us know if this worked for you or not.



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              Re: Free fall map on PS4?

              Hey! I hope this helps , this happened to me as well this is what I did!


              Go to Playstation Store < Search < Free Fall < Then click on The Call of Duty Ghost game not the free fall map!


              Scroll down and the map should be there, then click on it . Click on the Like button. Then go to dashboard, go to the what's new section. It should say you liked the map, now just click on it and it should say Download!!


              Hope this Helps

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