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    Lagg when playing with a party?..Insight or help needed please!

      One thing that I have noticed in this game is there seems to be additional lagg when connected and playing with a party. Me and my friend receive bullet lagg and latency whenever we team up in a party. Its very weird and FRUSTRATING. When we play together the lagg is so bad that we usually go negative or barely go positive. But when we don't play together IN A PARTY we go 25-2, 34-8, 20-6 and little to no lagg. Now to remove some of the variables, we both have great connections, I have a 50mb download 5 upload and he has a 24mb download 2.5 upload. We both have Ethernet adapters for maximum connection quality. And we both forwarded our ports for black ops 2, but I know every game has different port numbers so it really doesn't matter. Now mind you, I have this same issue when I party up with ANY of my friends on my list. Does anyone have any insight on this issue or have experienced it before? I am willing to try anything out to fix this issue so I can have a good experience when playing with my friends. Thanks.

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          Are you in the [ANML] clan by any chance?

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            I am sure its not your internet and there is nothing you can do. I've had this problem too, but only on the WiiU. I always team up with my American clan, like I have done since reflex. Usually I play on a 2 ~ 3 bar connection with them, but have from time to time pulled host and everyone still had good games, even though my internet isn't as fast as yours. On the U however, its a dismal experience. I know one or two britts that have 40mb fibre optic internet but have the exact same problems, and it seems some of my American friends who normally have great games are just dying from people skipping about all over the map. But yes, when we team up its a nightmare on the U, I hardly hear anyone have a laugh when we play anymore, its all frustration and swearing now. It seems the good old days we used to have has come to a grinding end. In bo2 they didn't even want to team up with the euro players anymore, and I think the same thing will happen very shortly with this game. Its a shame, but treyarch killed it. Man I wish they can fix the important things and not the trivial stuff, and fix them without causing other things to go wrong, just for a change..

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                Well its good to hear its not just me who experiences party lagg. My friend lives in California and I live in Georgia. We are far away but that shouldn't affect our internet quality if we're both are connecting to a neutral server. There must be something wrong with this games net code. I really hope ATU sees this and somebody looks into it and see if they can fix it. I can't even play with my friends now because its too frustrating when we play together, now I ride solo.

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                  Treyarch needs to fix the freezing, tweak wiimote sniping(remove sway plz?), fix the framerate, fix the ugly textures, fix the lag pero like everyone is freaking about a problem that doesn't even exist.



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