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    Guide to Hypno Knife a Rhino!

      Hey guys its the Extinction King here check the leaderboards im #1 for Kills and Cash before i start id like to thank the COD Ghosts community for sending me many nice messages of encouragement love you guys ,ok so im gonna give you a quick guide to hypno knife a rhino.


      Ok so first off you need to search for a hypno knife in the first part it cant be in the 2nd or third part. Once youve found that you need to start killing the first Hives until the helicopter comes. You need to shoot the LOL sign (easter egg) before the helicopter gets there. After killing the last hive when you see the Rhino dont shoot it let it run off.


      Once you reach the second part buy the LMG just cuz i said to start killing the hives as usual with your godly LMG , (sentry gunz for noobs). ok so 2nd part complete? pick up the cash and run out then youll see the rhino a second time again dont shoot it!


      Now as your approaching the 3rd part near the first hive youll see the rhino for a 3rd time this is the important part pull out your default pistol and shoot it in the air he wont attack you he will be standing still walk up to him (he cant move) then pull out your hypno knife and throw it at him. it will fall off but dont worry this is normal now in your mic say these words ''I got trolled by Angel Of Terror but i still love him''.