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    What EXACTLY is quick-scoping?

      So I've been playing call of duties for a while, and have always heard people talk about quick-scoping. From what I gathered before, it seems like quick scoping is where you shoot as you are scoping in because it does something or other which is apparently good.


      There are a bajillion tutorials on youtube about "how to quickscope" but they all approach the topic from the perspective that you already know what it is.


      I watched a quickscoping tutorial video that mainly explained how aim assist has changed from black ops 2 to ghosts, then went on to say that although quick scoping has changed in ghosts, you can still do it -  you just really need to get sniping counting down. WTF???? What the heck does that mean?


      1. Can somebody please supply me with a clear an concise answer as to what quick scoping is, especially in ghosts. Assume that I don't know anything.


      2. What is sniping counting???


      3. What is black-scoping????


      The terms that I'm referring to are used in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0axCdgE_vbY

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          Re: What EXACTLY is quick-scoping?

          they are all just bunch of idi*ts trying to get views and what not,


          QS- it is when a player pulls up his and ADS and fires his bullet as soon as his crosshairs come up and gets a kill


          Black Scoping- not sure what this is, after all people spend more time making up random names then playing the game, but what i am assuming this to be is you ADS and get a kill while you are half way between the ADS, so the part where the black part of your scope or the outline of the scope is in your eyes and you see all black.


          does it really matter though i mean all these terms are just bunch of words made up by little kids, quick scope what the hell why isnt there


          quick iron- this is when you get a kill right after you ADS with iron sights

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            Re: What EXACTLY is quick-scoping?

            What is the benefit of quick scoping? Is the only benefit that you're quick?


            Does anybody know what the following terms mean, which are in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0axCdgE_vbY


            1. Black Scoping - @2:56

            2. Half Scoping - @3:00

            3. Sniping Counting - @3:25

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              Re: What EXACTLY is quick-scoping?

              iv seen such little QS it makes me happy. when i get taken out by a sniper who is the other side of the map i know it was my fault for running in front of where he is looking.


              but i also remember Vahn saying that QS would be gone in blops 1. and it was for about a month, then it came back worse than ever so i wouldn't be shocked if it made a return.

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                Re: What EXACTLY is quick-scoping?

                Black scoping is when you scope in to an enemy, but you shoot right before the scope comes fully up (you see only black). That method was used at least in MW2 and if I remember MW3 too. The bullet would always go straight to the middle even if the scope is not visible (so it's not like no scoping, where the bullet's direction is random). If you ended up in a sniper lobby in MW2, little kids would scream at you if the killcam showed that you sniped looking thru the scope.


                Half scoping might be a synonym to black scoping. If you black scope or half scope in Ghosts, the bullet will usually fly to some other direction than to the center of the screen.


                I think the guy in the video was giving tips how to get your rhythm with quick scoping and he suggested counting. That was just a tip and means absolutely nothing out of context.


                I think originally quick scoping was given to the sniper shots that were taken quicker that maybe a second after scoping fully in. Some people claim that quick scoping is the same as black scoping, so that even quick drag scopes are not included. There is no real consensus.


                Yes, and the benefit of quick scoping is to be quick. You can play agressively with the sniper when you take your shots quick. Agressive is good, because it's not boring. Hart to say what's the main motivation for different people, though.

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