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    Terrible Spawning is Probably Deliberate

      OK, so I think everybody can agree that the spawning in this game is stunningly bad. To be very near the corner of a massive map like Stonehaven, with all your team mates near you, and have an enemy spawn behind you in that little corner of the map is the kind of thing that will make you throw your controller against the wall.


      At first I was just plain disgusted that such a high-budget game could be released with such a blatant, crippling flaw. I mean how incompetent can a company be? Test your game for 5 matches, and you'll see how disgraceful the spawns are.


      But then I realised that they must have seen this awful spawning. There's no way in the world they didn't play hundreds of games of multiplayer to test it. You can be damn sure that if you play hundreds of games, you'll see an insane amount of unfair spawns. So they definitely knew about it. But why release a game as broken as that? It's an easy fix, there's absolutely no doubt about that.


      They released it because bad spawns introduce lucky kills. That element of luck damn near ruins the game for us, but IW love it. Lucky kills mean the very casual gamers do better. They get more kills than they would do normally, because the less luck involved, the worse they do. But if the casual gamer can't get any kills, they're not going to want to play the game. You know what that means? IW make less money. And that's it. They pander to the most casual gamer conceivable so they rake in more of the cash they love so much.


      There are plenty of other stupid problems with this game that are clearly the result of a Marketing decision to rake in more cash, and it's kind of sickening.

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          1. Re: Terrible Spawning is Probably Deliberate

          IIt was intentional to prevent spawn trapping


          sshame it did not work

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            2. Re: Terrible Spawning is Probably Deliberate

            Really ? ANOTHER spawning thread ?


            Did you ever consider the fact that they didnt want safety spawning ?


            Did you ever think that they made the spawning a specific way to keep the game moving due to the fact that the maps are larger ?


            I mean if they designed it so the spawns would safely put you out of danger the next thing that players would do is complain that the gameplay is so slow ? Oh wait they do that too.

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              3. Re: Terrible Spawning is Probably Deliberate

              HHa expect a lot more nobody uses the search function

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                4. Re: Terrible Spawning is Probably Deliberate

                Are you serious? You're right, the maps are so big the game is still slow. So that didn't work. It didn't even come close to working. There is absolutely nothing that can justify spawning this bad. Who the hell would prefer non-stop, unfair, ridiculous spawns over a very slightly slower game with decent spawns?


                You're fighting a losing battle, starbuckfrack. I have no idea what your motive is, but defending a game's blatant flaws serves no purpose.


                EDIT: By the way, this isn't "just another spawning thread". I'm suggesting the spawning is deliberately this bad for Marketing reasons, which I'm pretty sure hasn't been said in a thread before.

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                  5. Re: Terrible Spawning is Probably Deliberate

                  I didnt defend the flaws in this game I asked if the OP had considered a different side to the spawn subject.


                  I just stated that no one knows why the developers made spawns this way. There is a very good thread that explains (possibly correctly) why the spawns were designed this way in the game.


                  some people are perfectly fine with the spawns in this game. So that means that the spawns being broken is not a fact, just opinion.

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                    6. Re: Terrible Spawning is Probably Deliberate

                    And yes this IS just another spawning thread. There are many threads on the same exact subject, you could have easily added your input as to why in one of those threads.

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                      7. Re: Terrible Spawning is Probably Deliberate

                      I could care less about pubs.. but when a enemy spawns behind your line (when you haven't over-extended) in team play, it just ruins any strategy and the match. Definitely needs fixing.

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                        8. Re: Terrible Spawning is Probably Deliberate

                        When you get the "double window" in your reply section of the forum type where the letters say something like <P><P>.

                        Thats how I avoid the blank post.

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                          9. Re: Terrible Spawning is Probably Deliberate

                          Unfortunately, it is a fact that the spawns are broken. I've spawned staring at an enemy, and had an enemy spawn staring at me, countless times. It is a fact that spawning systems are not supposed to work that way. It adds an utterly random element to the game. That's not how games are supposed to work. 


                          I appreciate that there are other spawning threads. The difference here is that I'm trying to open a discussion about the Marketing motivation behind spawning as well as other aspects of the game. If you don't think that justifies a separate thread, that's your opinion man, but while you're in here you might as well discuss the topic at hand instead of complaining. If it's just another spawning thread I'd like to know why you wasted your time reading it, let alone replying several times.


                          In any case, the more spawning threads I see on this forum, the better. It might give the issue some visibility to the idiots in charge at IW. Really this entire forum should be a protest against that failure.

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