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    There's always that one player...

      There's always that one guy who completely obliterates the enemy team. When I first started playing the day of release it seemed as though everyone was just happy to be there and playing to have fun. Then the Black Ops II **** began to show up, using the most OP guns and quick-scoping with the on-hit-kill snipers from the knee up. It's a bit irritating sometimes. To cope with this issue I've experimented with a few classes and play-styles. The best game-type I have found is either Blitz or Domination. In both of these types you are given the choice to either defend or attack. Depending on the map I mostly defend, this really racks in the kills. You have people running with Vectors and Agility but when you're on a ramp with a LSAT like me, they don't get far. If you're like me, a decently experienced player, play several games toying around with the classes and see what works best for you.