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    What my community wants to see in next title update! How about you?

      Hi, Everyone i have made a list with some friends and clan members. What the next Title Update need to include to make this game playable.


      Search and Destroy / Rescue

      • S&D / S&R starting round timer 15 sec -> 5 sec
      • S&D Leaderboards need to be added
      • S&D Killstreaks like (I.M.S & Sentry gun) need to stay when you die.
      • S&D Show hit markers while spectating
      • S&D Turn Party chat off.
      • S&D / S&R Show who is dead quicker. (Red / Yellow name)
      • S&D / S&R The player body is not moving while planting.


      Game in general:

      • Leaderboards need to be cleaned. Remove all the hackers !
      • Show the connection / Ping bars.
      • Make a button in the mute player menu to show their Gamercard
      • Do something about the life. Its almost hardcore !
      • Fix Hacked lobby's
      • Where are the most competitive gamemodes CTF / Hardpoint ??
      • Let the Guard Dog spawn outside the map and let them run to the player who got the killstreak. Now it will spawn in front of your face !
      • Show lobby / ingame voice chat icon quicker is now delayed when someone starts talking.


      Everyone be free to add more hints for the IW DEV team under this post.


      Regards, GT: Fariko Noway