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    Cant Sign In Ghost App

      So i had originally been able to sign on the app but then an update came along and i wasnt sure if it had updated correctly so i had re downloaded the entire app and now i cant sign on. I am using an iphone5 and i know the information i am giving is correct because i can sign on my ps3 so my email and password are correct, please help.


      Side Note: I had made a mock clan just to see if i could make one with random letters and was not able to disband the clan or leave it since i was the only member and i see that people are promoting others as clan leader to be able to leave the clan. I wanted to say that i had the same problem part of the reason why i re downloaded the app thinking the disband option was just glitched or something on the app. Anyway after 24 hours i was able to disband the clan on my ps3 console if that helps anyone

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