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    Website Badge Suggestions

      So, the site has been overhauled again, this time for the better, and one of the features that was added has been forum badges. Those of us who have been on the forums for a very long time will remember that badges are not entirely new. Given that things are still under construction around here, I thought we could offer some suggestions for the guys working on the website on different badges that could be offered on the forums. Suggestions should include the following: badge name, what do you do to earn it, how many points is it worth, and (optional) what the badge will look like. I'll put the best suggestions in the OP here. I'll make my own suggestion really quick to kick things off. Have fun and as always, keep it clean!


      fasnakes wrote:

      hey guys, this is awesome.. keep it coming. .

      BTW - just 'officially' launched.,

      You can view the current leaderboards, reward store and the latest challenges @ Rewards.Activision.com

      (also, updated the announcement w/ this info as well)

      Your feedback will definitely help shape the future of this program. thanks!




      Twitter Badge ()

      Link your forum account with your twitter account.

      1000 Points

      Badge: The Twitter logo


      Janitor Badge ()

      Help the mods, report 15 offensive/spam posts.

      250 points


      Superstar Badge ()

      Have you thread liked 15 times.

      1000 points.


      La Paparazzo ()

      Have your thread viewed 500 times

      200 points

      Badge: camera


      Stroking your ego ()

      Have your reply liked 5 times

      50 points

      Badge: little body, big head


      Allrounder ()

      Post in 4 sections at least 10 times

      250 points

      Badge: roundabout


      Infinite Wisdom ()

      Get 250 correct answers

      1000 points

      Badge: infinity logo


      Facebook Badge ()

      authors note: I do not use Facebook, but I'm sure others would appreciate this badge

      Link your forum account with your Facebook account.

      1000 Points

      Badge: The Facebook logo


      Xbox player ()

      Link your Xbox live account

      500 points

      Badge: The Xbox logo


      PlayStation player ()

      Link your PlayStation Network account.

      500 points

      Badge: The PlayStation logo


      PC player ()

      Link your Steam account.

      500 points.

      Badge: The Steam logo


      Magnum ()

      Your discussion is rated at least 4 stars after at least 10 votes from community members.

      2000 Points


      TEH OT ()
      make 1000 posts in the OT

      1000 points

      Badge with TEH OT text


      Teachers Pet ()

      Be liked by a moderator

      15 points



      A batch of suggestions on specific forum badges by () Some different names may be needed.

      I've Got a Boner

      make 1000 posts on the Xbox One forum

      It's a Me, Postio

      make 1000 posts on the WiiU forum

      I'm Dizzy

      make 1000 posts on the Xbox 360 forum

      Member of the Master Race

      make 1000 posts on the pc forum

      It was cheaper than a Blu-ray Player When I Bought it

      make 1000 posts on the ps3 forum

      ESMorgue doesn't make any more sense in nextgen

      make 1000 posts on the ps4 forum

      The way of the dinosaurs

      make 1000 posts on the extinction forum

      One of Us

      make 1000 posts on the clans forum



      Joke Suggestions

      So maybe you can't use these, but they are funny regardless.


      Dali Lama ( and )

      Make it through one discussion about lag/lag comp/gun balance without insulting another user.

      500 points.


      Crying Game Badge ()

      Liking a post then immediately un-liking because you forgot you don't actually like that person regardless of whether or not you like the content of their post.


      Brothers in arms ()

      Like a post where someone blames their little brother for an issue/reset


      Failure to launch badge ()

      Upload an image incorrectly

      Points - priceless


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      Added some great suggestions to the OP! Keep em' coming folks!

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