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    Where is it?

      Okay so a support team member said I could choose if my matchmaking searches for best or any or normal. So my question would be where exactly is it? I have went to find match like they said and yet I can't get to those options at all so where are these options exactly?

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          Re: Where is it?

          Hi there Adam1234567893,


          Unfortunately, this game does not have a feature to change your match making search options. Blacks Ops 2 did, and the previous support personnel you spoke with may have been referring to that game. I apologize for the confusion.



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              Re: Where is it?

              Oh okay when will the listen/dedicated servers be up? Or is there a problem with region lock? I live in Florida and it keeps putting me in lobbies thousands of miles away at all hours. I know it's not my internet I have the 150mbps download 50mbps upload package from Verizon and I have all the ports needed port forwarded and my Xbox 360 is in the DMZ zone and I have the closest DNS Servers selected for my Xbox 360 so I have no clue what is going on cause it seems like I am seconds behind everyone no matter what I do I have no clue if it's a server or matchmaking or region issue. Please let me know what's going on if you find out.

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