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    A2 is recruiting!

      Hi CoDers. My gamertag is A2 Rain and i might be starting a brand new Sniping Clan. (Trickshots/Feeds). The Clan would be called Ancient2, or also called A2.

      I hope to make a wonderful clan that will make other people have a good time, get better and make many new friends. But to every clan, there are requirments



      1. Should have a mic. Very reconmended you do!

      2. Follow the rules and guidelines of the clan!.

      3. Have at least Black Ops 2

      4. If you record, that'd be so much better


      Rules and guidelines!

      1. Do not be so disrespectful to randoms in the lobby. There is a certain extent to how far you can go.


      In this clan, you are free to curse and joke around, but if other members feel you've gone too far, then i have some bad news for you

      A2 is meant to be a good sniping clan, and also to be known as a respectful clan.

      Please reply or send me a message on Xbox 360.

      You will be tested to determine if you qualify.

      I made the A2 Channel, but there are no videos yet.


      -A2 Rain

      *People needa stop calling me a fanboy. Just because i have Rain in my Gamertag doesnt mean im a fanboy. Just because FaZe has someone named Rain in their clan, DOES NOT mean that other people cant have Rain in their Gamertag. To me, Rain is something beautiful and i like that. Rain refreshes me, so i figured, Why not put in my GT? Little 7 year olds need to stop calling people fanboys when the person NEVER said they were real FaZe* sorry if you got offended by this, but this has to stop. Im pretty sure im speaking for like 30% of the whole community who get terrorized for having names in this Gamertag.