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        I am thoroughly enjoying this game. All the things you whine about, I take advantage of and get the wins. Campers are the easiest people to deal with because they hardly ever look behind them. When you keep going the same direction, it's no wonder you don't like them. Even you said it yourself, the maps are big so there is no reason to keep running into the same camper over and over, unless you are not very smart.

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          I was not now for some reason they banned my daughter for no reason and it has really been bugin me and I can't even look at the fuckin game now. have tried every thing to get in contact with them to sort it but they are not fuckin interested

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            Yeah really enjoying thus far, haven't really had a chance to get some serious hours in due to commitments but will be hitting it hard in the coming weeks.


            What I'm not enjoying is some of these forum threads, the negativity towards the game is getting out of hand, as players we have two choices...


            1: Be patient wait for upgrades and play the game as it is (faults and all) and respect different tactics.

            2:Sell it.


            Like it or not this community is getting much better at this game, new players come into the game fresh, whether you're a veteran or a noob, you will get beaten up at some point.


            Accept it and adapt. (just my two pennies)

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              pipboy2033 wrote:


              1. the maps are huge!!


              2. Dying so quick,The days of jumpshots, turnshots, and dropshots are threatened


              3. camping. not much to say about that. ghosts has more campers than any COD game I had ever played. dont know why


              4. I would like to add that im not the type of person that whines a about COD games

              1. Most of them are no bigger than the nid-size maps of BO2, just more complex.


              2. Hmmm.. I die just as quick in Ghosts as in BO2... in HC.  But that's why I play HC, the bullets matter.


              3. It's a new game, most folks haven't learned the maps like the back of their hand, the maps are more complex with more hiding spots.


              4. Well, then you are now officially a member of the whiners club! 

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                I liked it when I could play without it freezing up every 3 min.

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                  @Kothar44, told you they are banning people

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                    The OP has posted about 3 different rants all about the same thing…Of course he is entitled to his opinion as am I…my opinion is that these types of posts are useless rants by folks who are either too stubborn or ignorant to adjust and play the game. So they would rather fill up forums with mindless rants about campers, and how they will never play or buy another COD game again, or it's a snipe fest, or this needs to be nerfed because I don't use a perk that can spot it…It's all BS…It's pretty simple…If you don't like the game don't play it...

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                      if they would tell me why she was banned fine but I know for sure she hasn't done anything wrong I was in the same game as her when it happened.  she only plays cod now and again and isn't all that good at the game just learning the game really gutted for her she was enjoying it

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                        That's true but you have to realize that NO other CoD's played like MW3 and BO2 when it came to sponging bullets and small maps. I think many who started playing in this time frame have an idea in there heads that CoD has always been like that. No, it has not. This is why I think many of the older gamers don't mind Ghosts at all because to them, it's a throw back.


                        Just my observation...

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                          Wish I could help you but as far as Activision is concerned, I am nobody.


                          I doubt it would help but you never know, but if you talk to @ATVIAssist on Twitter, they might be able to help you. Everytime I had a minor problem, it was quickly answered by them. Just remember to be respectful.

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