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    How is this allowed? Sniping is a joke.

      I honestly had high hopes for this game when there was an interview stating that "Quickscoping isn't in the game, we don't want it" yet here I am, getting into lobbies with nothing but parties of snipers that are once again ruining a COD title with their stupidity.


      How the hell can you make a statement like this claiming the eradication of quickscoping? Oh wait, it is the "F'UCK YOU LAST STAND" fiasco all over again. This game is built on lies and false promises.


      Please don't ruin another title, I actually enjoy playing this game when people aren't running around with 1hk shotguns that work at any range. Make snipers a 1hk only when the scope is zoomed in and the "Hold Breath" is initiated (why put this in the game if it is never needed?)  The hit detection on snipers is ludicrous, I can be shot in the foot or even 2 feet above my character and for some reason I get instantly killed. The amount of times I have had a 1on1 encounter with a sniper and lost because of them quickly scoping in and shoot the air around my character is infuriating, I just don't get the developers reasoning behind it.


      Like I said, make snipers used as snipers by needing to have to completely zoom in and hold their breath when they aim and also only a 100% damage when either hit in the head or torso. You can't just give someone a 1hk weapon that is so exploitable an be happy, it just isn't fair. I can not take a shotgun and kill someone 30m away let alone 20 with a single burst, I see no reason why snipers get this amount of leniency every year without a counter.


      Another balance could be to give us a perk like Juggernaut (included in ICU perk?) because I can tell you right now that wearing a ballistic vest still allows the snipers to deal out 1hk shots even at full vest health. Hell, even make a playlist for snipers only so they can fight each other instead of infecting normal playlists and ignoring objectives.


      Please just get this sorted, I don't want to hate the game but it is hard not to at this point in time.

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          1. Re: How is this allowed? Sniping is a joke.

          They never said it was completely removed, just that it works a bit differently.

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            2. Re: How is this allowed? Sniping is a joke.
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              3. Re: How is this allowed? Sniping is a joke.

              I can honestly tell you every build has a counter build. And the build you play should be dependent on the map. I can also tell you that my Bulldog build will ruin a snipers life on sovereign but in reverse my bulldog build is worthless on stonehaven where snipers shine. Or running flooded with my bulldog build will out do snipers guaranteed. Now understand that my bulldog only has like a 2 foot range where as a sniper has unlimited range.


              Playing this game relies heavily on being able to counter your opponents build. Some people will camp corners constantly yet cry about tubes. Tubes are the answers for campers.


              Quick Scoping if you want to talk about that takes a lot of skill and a very unique build. Now given im talking about quick scoping as in running around a map and instantly firing as the scope button is pressed. This build relies heavily on knowing EXACTLY where your cross hairs are pointed without ever looking down the scope, but instead getting the scope pulled up so the game thinks your looking down it. If you think this is simple then do it because its a great talent to have.


              Now sitting on 1 side of stonehaven and sniping people is not quick scoping that is sniping also known as camping. Both are legitimate forms of gameplay. The counter for it on wide open maps is sticking to walls and never opening yourself up for a long shot and running the correct builds.


              This perspective is given from a PC players as I cannot play FPS games on console for crap. Ive been playing FPS games on PC since Quake and Unreal days including 9 years of counter-strike and 4 years competitive in LA, NY, TX.


              Now as for dying right when you spawn well sorry no answers for you.

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                4. Re: How is this allowed? Sniping is a joke.

                I'm a guy that usually plays with all other guns, except for the snipers. Recently, I decided that I wanted the special uniforms you get when completing certain sniper attachment challenges. So, I picked up a sniper rifle.


                I read your post, and as a guy that hardly ever snipes (as I suck unless I have a semi-auto sniper with a large clip), quick-scoping is fairly easy, and I do not keep in mind all of the things you had said and I still majority of the time come out between 1.5-3.0 K/D. Not saying you are wrong, but it is not completely correct.

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                  5. Re: How is this allowed? Sniping is a joke.

                  The "increased difficulty" changes made towards QSing seemed like a good move at the time but it hasn't curbed QSing in the least.  It's at least as easy to QS in Ghosts as it was in BO2 and I dare say that it's actually easier.  Anybody that's within 5 ft can be no scoped like you're running around with a shotgun.  Just get your gun near them and they drop.  I suppose the good news is that the great hit detection has made the other guns a little more viable against snipers with quick TTKs.  So overall it's no worse than before but I have run into some small areas on certain maps where 3 or 4 snipers will each take a doorway and just pull the trigger whenever someone comes into sight.  It's ridiculously easy for them to hold down an area but I can't be too mad at them for doing it since the game is designed the way that it is.

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                    6. Re: How is this allowed? Sniping is a joke.

                    I am not trying to say that quickscopicg isn't hard to do, I am trying to convey just how easy it is to exploit the sniper weapon. I agree that knowing how to counter them is needed but there is not always an applicable solution.


                    I played a game today that had 4 quickscopers on the other team, I too was using the bulldog and I can tell you that I still had trouble killing them at close range. I acknowledge that it isn't as simple as some point out but it is pretty easy to exploit the sniper. I picked one off the ground because I ran out of bullets and had no problem lining up a shot, irregardless of where the crosshair might have been.


                    It isn't fair, every year snipers have this weapon that is so powerful and without proper consideration about its functionality it can be easily exploited, just look at BO2 and how disgusting it was to face a sniper. I do not want to see a repeat of that, they should keep to their word and properly remove the feature or have a counter to it, simple as that.

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                      7. Re: How is this allowed? Sniping is a joke.

                      To stop a standard round up to 7.62 NATO(.308 civilian equivalent). A .338 Lapua is a much higher velocity round with improved ballistic characteristics and a flat trajectory. In other words, sniper bullets are made to make normal body armor and sometimes vehicle armor useless.

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                        8. Re: How is this allowed? Sniping is a joke.

                        I don't think anything can top just how stupid sniping in BO2 was.


                        I like the vision improvements, I think it looks cool but I agree that there has been little to no change with the quickscoping feature. It is just as silly as every other time and the lies add salt to the wound.

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                          9. Re: How is this allowed? Sniping is a joke.

                          There is also a dog that can be called out of thin air and has the ability to sponge 20 bullets from an assault rifle.


                          I really don't thing they are going for that much depth of realism.

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