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        20. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (11/22/13)

        I like the looooonnnnggggg list of fixes....but thanks for adding this to the forum it is very appreciated. Nice information here.

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          21. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (11/22/13)

          Interesting that they talk about patching all of the cheating. I've watched several youtube videos on out-of-map or under-map glitches, and they patched the one on freight by literally posting an invisible wall to the right, but not to the left! Now, you can do the same glitch, but by jumping to the left and not the right! That's ridiculous. You'd think, with a major patch update, they'd decide to put in a little more effort and attention to detail than that. I mean this is a product being reviewed on an international level, you'd think they would have put more effort into it.


          Spawns, are a little better, although hardcore dom on strikezone this morning I found myself fighting enemies that spawned right behind me several times, however, it happened much less often, and I had some rounds that were similar to my rounds in black ops, which made the experience quite pleasant. Really, overall, the thing that made me the most upset was having no hardcore domination upon release and the spawning, and both of those issues seemed to be fixed, except with slight errors in spawning. I say Bravo! to infinity ward with this patch.


          I hope that the glitching gets fixed, I never saw obvious out-of-the-map or under-map glitching like I do in Ghosts, in the Black ops series.

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            22. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (11/22/13)

            turn your volume down....

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              23. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (11/22/13)

              The operations are fixed. Buy new operations and you can see everything!

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                24. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (11/22/13)

                The operations are fixed! if your haveing troubles looking at first class operations buy new operations then you will be able too.

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                  25. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (11/22/13)

                  they are not fixed maybe for some people they are but those few cant view there first class operations. while other myself included still can not even use the operations button without being removed from multiplayer or being put in a fake lobby.

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                    26. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (11/22/13)

                    As stated, some information on the status of dedicated servers would be appreciated.


                    One other thing I've noticed is sometimes the Trinity Rocket seems to have absolutely zero splash damage. I don't know if this is intentional, but been plenty of times I've managed to drop the rocket literally right next to an orange box and don't get a kill.


                    Anyone else notice this? It needs some a splash/damage radius buff.

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                      27. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (11/22/13)

                      candyslexia wrote:


                      We appreciate your feedback, so please continue sending it.




                      Key Changes

                        • Further spawn logic improvements.
                        • Numerous map exploit fixes in MP and Extinction.
                        • Added new MP spawn music.



                      • Spawns are marginally better, but in TDM enemies are still spawning in immediate area (aka revenge spawn) of the player who took him down.
                      • Does this include the under the map / roof jumps on Freight?  The cheater sites are claiming it is still active.  We are at a point that Freight (which is a good map) is now an instant "non-vote".
                      • Thank you so much for MP spawn music!  Any chances of getting volume sliders so we can turn it off.
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                        28. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (11/22/13)

                        Still too much lag that makes multiplayer unplayable for me.  Movements are way to choppy and forget about using your sights like sniping.  I'm very disappointed that the severe lag has yet to be fixed.  Come on and fix the lag already!  Back to playing BO2.   

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                          29. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (11/22/13)

                          A lot of people I know are extremely disappointed that search and destroy wasn't in hardcore mode and has prevented a number of people I know from buying ghosts. I myself wouldn't of pre-ordered the game if I would of known this fact. Also a lot of people are disappointed and were hopeful you'd bring back hardcore cap the flag. Search and destroy hardcore is the main one thou. Since you have it as a core mode It wouldn't be hard to incorporate the mode to hardcore. I know I often find myself getting off ghosts due to the lack of hardcore modes. Sure a lot of people play core but hardcore is a more realistic mode of gaming. I believe you guys should consider search and destroy in hardcore. I also like a few of your core modes like cranked,etc however I rarely even play them as core just isn't a good style of mode. I'd love to see you incorporate a few more core modes into hardcore as well.

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