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        340. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (5/13/14)

        It does make it joke for explosives have nerfed so much in this game that they are really not worth using most of the time and that is sad and pretty bad really.

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          341. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (5/13/14)

          Its why I never used them in Ghosts.  Why bother when you can put something better on your loading for the same cost?

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            342. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (5/13/14)

            No need to run SitRep and using tactical layout pushing crouch is intelligent now?

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              343. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (5/13/14)

              Life is the same as video games ?


              You only die one time in real life.

              In real life an explosive device can cause less damage if you crouch or if less of your full body gets hit.

              Getting shot in real life you bleed out and dont die instantly.

              Can you shoot aliens in real life ?


              You might want to take your smart mouth somewhere else dude. It doesnt belong here. Just because someone doesnt agree with what you say doesnt mean they should grow up. There was no call telling him he should grow up.

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                344. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (5/13/14)

                Jumping to protect yourself from IEDs is the same absurdity as jumping to protect yourself from bullets. So if you want to "debate" me bring your A game or don't waste my time. Or probably that was it so sad.

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                  345. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (5/13/14)

                  Yep Drewish, you can tell he is so mad over something as simple as a video game. He is supposed to be so smart and yet he cries over something so simple and gets so butthurt as in something so simple as something that occurs in a video game. I have seen many a person try to sound intellectual meanwhile he is crying over spilled milk. Next time he might want to wear his big boy pants next time or dont waste time crying.


                  They try to sound intellectual but meanwhile cannot understand a single point being presented to them. When you deal with people in the real world you might want to try and understand that there are people that disagree with you. A real intellectual discussion would allow differing opinions and accept them as someone elses opinion. Your posts do not. You feel the need to insult someone and probably think it makes you look smarter when all it does is make you look like a child.


                  Having an opinion is one thing, thats why the are called opinions. But when you post like a child that takes away the opinion portion of your post and brings out the fact that you are acting like a child. Fact is you are acting mad over something as simple as a video game and taking your frustration on total strangers with a differing opinion. That is not how someone who "brings their A game" acts. You just posted in pure contradiction of the way you are acting. You want to debate something with you "A game" then POST something with you "A game" big boy pants on. Not like some 4 year old wearing a diaper. Respond like an adult. If you want someone else to grow up then why dont you post like someone grown up ?


                  Its called a "video game" for a reason. It is not supposed to emulate real life. When you start comparing the two and bringing up faults with a video game compared to real life that when you might want to evaluate your sanity. You got an opinion that something should or should not be in the game, Fine. But when you start getting all butthurt because someone doesnt see it that way you might want to try bringing your "A game" as well.


                  Whats sad is the way your acting because in your deluded mind no one else is allowed to have a different opinion than you.


                  You want this to be an intellectual discussion a yet you still compare video games to real life.

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                    346. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (5/13/14)

                    Mad because I can't deal with it. You are hilarious.


                    As I stated in my thread, I love IED users. They always reveal their positions to me. And apparently you read the thread... why not make a rational, logical argument on that thread? I didn't insult IED users in that thread, I posed a question and got some thoughtful responses from IED users about why they use them and how they use them effectively.


                    Don't throw out insults for no reason and then tell ME to grow up.

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                      347. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (5/13/14)

                      Video games are about reaction. My point was merely that aware players have a way of reacting to the IED explosion that could perhaps save themselves. There are going to still be plenty of drones who run mindlessly through them.

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                        348. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (5/13/14)

                        My post above got shortened ????


                        Any forum moderators or devs might want to know that new posts arent showing up unless you do some trickery to get them to show up.

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                          349. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (5/13/14)

                          Not exactly true in this case, a ground placed explosive will do just as much damage to a crouching person as a standing person the shockwave which does a lot of the initial internal damage does not care if you are standing or crouching. Most people are actually harmed by or killed the shockwave and not just the shrapnel coming off an explosive device.


                          If was true to real life grenades would kill if they landed anywhere within 5 feet of a person and still maim at 10 feet from the explosion. Same with any explosion from a device like c4 or an ied. And jumping would not help you either for unlike a claymore which is directional, an ied is omnidirectional with the blast going in every direction doing the same damage in every direction. Again if this was true to real world; but its a game so is not otherwise people would scream that much more they are op.

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