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        350. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (5/13/14)

        I wouldn't call it particularly intelligent still.  However, this is Call of Duty and I have experienced players claiming that dropshotting is super skillful compared to panic knifing etc.

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          351. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (5/13/14)

          Pretty sure having the awareness to react to a situation is a form of intelligence.


          Unaware players plow ahead or don't know how to handle situations like that. Is it not intelligent for a player, for example, to hear the beep of an IED and duck back around cover or a corner to avoid the blast?


          Not saying it makes someone Einstein, but it shows that a player is at least aware and alert enough to respond to the situation.

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            352. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (5/13/14)

            Depends on your distance to the explosion. Not everyone dies from a claymore explosion. Some people will for example lose a leg.

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              353. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (5/13/14)

              Consistently, the first thing experts say if faced with an explosion is to hit the ground.


              "There is literally nothing you can do about that first blast," says Milo Afong, a former Marine sniper who fought al-Qaeda in Iraq. "But if you're lucky enough not to be the one who gets destroyed, there's a couple things you can do to keep on living."

              Afong is also a Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) expert who, among other things, trains the military on what to do immediately following a blast.

              He says the first thing to do is drop to the ground and grip some turf.

              Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/two-simple-rules-to-survive-a-bomb-blast-2013-4#i xzz31jNOo0pH


              I didn't even want to stray into how the game works versus real life. My point is more that I have no issues with giving players ways to counter IEDs if they are aware enough.

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                354. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (5/13/14)

                THAT would be cool to see in-game. You lose an arm or a leg but you still keep fighting Rambo-style. Maybe even have it as a death streak reward - LMAO!!!


                ahhhhhhhhmy leg

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                  355. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (5/13/14)

                  OK guys the forum is really screwing up for me. It only has my last post in there even when I refresh the page, and it shows I am the last replier even though the Inbox shows many other people posted.


                  Only way to see new posts besides the Inbox is to make a new reply or just read them from the Inbox. Bugging the heck out of me.


                  And arguing these semantics is getting really stupid. Fact is there is real life and there is video games.

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                    356. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (5/13/14)

                    lol.. loves those.. they think anything they do that gets them a kill is super skillful and anyone that does not do it lacks skill or is just trash/garbage...

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                      357. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (5/13/14)

                      That is an after the fact to survive another blast or other damage coming in. It was also proven by mythbusters that dropping to the floor did not give added protection from an explosion at close range that in fact that shockwave blast did just as must damage at the ground level as it did in the air; anything closer than 5 feet was lethal regardless if prone or standing do to the shockwave itself and not the shrapnel flying.


                      Basically what that person is talking about is if you were not the one that triggered it and most likely died, to hit the ground from any other possible damage caused by it or other means such as enemy gun fire directed your way.


                      At close range under 5 feet you normally will not survive even when hitting the ground if you are the one first in the blast. Only directional explosives like claymores and bouncing betties can be avoided that way to some degree, an omnidirectional explosive like most ied's or grenades it does not make much difference since the wave goes out in every direction even straight against the ground itself.


                      Which is why the current nerf to ied makes it a joke just like the frags are in this game.


                      Go play warface and try that, you die if it even lands anywhere near you within a 5 foot range and you cant jump the claymores and survive either. They way the explosives used to be in this game before they were nerfed so much because people cried about dieing to them so much.

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                        358. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (5/13/14)

                        Okay, it is a limited form of intelligence but it is heavily based on reaction times.  If you don't have the fast reactions, say because of a disability, then you are pretty much screwed in COD, although this applies to Black Ops 2 more than Ghosts.

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                          359. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (5/13/14)

                          I've seen worse.  Seen one guy moan about the ability to soundwhore in this game and in MW3.  Guess what?  He was quite vocal about the then lack of drawbacks for suppressed sniping.  So it is bad to listen for footsteps but cry when there is not a red dot to chase on the mini map now?

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