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    Connection to Tran-zit found in "Five" on Black Ops 1

      I am not sure if other's have posted this find already, but I know I must before I lose it in my daily routine. The numbers that are at Pack-a-Punch, under the bank, in Tran-zit are on "Five" in Black Ops 1. Oddly enough I was just going back and having a little fun on BO1 today, and when I made it to the "Testing Labs" or "Laboratory", I saw a keypad resembling the one I often see on Tran-Zit and Moon. Low-and-Behold, There were those same numbers I had seen countless times. 0246378 were the numbers. In Tran-Zit, I believe there are more numbers below. Many believe they are launch codes. Can someone clear this up for me? It will bug me until I know why they are all connected on even such a smaller scale.






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