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    Zombies Not Done


      I feel like black ops 2 zombies is unfinished so maybe they will pick up where they left off and have us all be revived next to the teleporter like how it starts on moon map but in the crazy place?

      This will then teleport us to a time machine that we can use to teleport to other maps they have made and will make.

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          Hey, it's over. No matter how much we try to think it's not, it is. Ghosts is out, we had them say it was the last DLC. Sorry, other than Origins and MoTD plus the MK2, BLOPS2 has been a HUGE phdFLOPper.

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            Not sure if you are still thinking about micro transactions for dlc with bo2 which i honestly have given up hope on at this point. Or if you are talking about treyarchs next cod title. Its a pretty safe bet to say zombies is gonna come back as long as it sells and ppl ask for it. I believe bo2 is done  not even sure if this game is gonna get 1 last patch that it needs.  So it looks like we are gonna have to wait for treyarchs next cod because micro dlc for bo2 doesn't sound like its happening seeing as the next cod already dropped.