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    Facts about call of duty.


      Digging up an old but very funny thread originally posted by a vet called Doc So-cal a long while back.



      First, this information is rock solid.


      This is not a debate or question. Just stare at these facts and bask in the infinite glow that is my superior understanding of the universe. I only post this in hopes of enlightening the masses. It is written in the first person as a reminder of how awesome you are.




      1: Any way I kill you is the most glorious and honorable of kills requiring skill of an otherworldy nature.


      2: Any way you kill me is a cheap cowardly way to play the game and your family should be ashamed.


      3: All of my chosen kill streaks are of the highest class and quality. You should be honored to die by my earned wrath.


      4: All of your kill streaks are cheap, easy to earn and kill with and should cause your family some form of horrible dissapointment in your skills.


      5: My guns are hard to use and require skills that escape the common man.


      6: Your guns are self aiming bullet sprayers that a half dead turtle could use to go 30-0.


      7: My play style is clearly MENSA like in its formulation and execution.


      8: Your play style is obviously the result of playing while half asleep or perhaps over medicated on daytime cold pills.


      9: My chosen perks are designed to add challenge and honor to my play style. The best of the best.


      10: Your chosen perks are crutches that only mildly hold up your pathetic play style.


      End of facts...


      You are welcome.


      Feel free to add your own indisputable facts below..


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