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    Cod ghosts xbox 360 squad points overload problem

      I was playing multiplayer and i joined a domination match that i believe was hacked. Every time i got a kill or did anything like assists or capturing a flag etc. it would give me a squad point every time and even when i died? When the match was almost over every body left the match and it was then saying forfeiting and counted down from like 15 or so. I then was loooking at my squad members and it then said i was a level 60 when before i was like 10 or less? I dont want to be considered a hacker or cheater because i honestly didnt do anything but i really dont want to get in trouble or possibly banned. I hope this problem can get fixed!  Right now im currently at 135 points that i  shouldnt have gotten and i think it truely ruins the call of duty xperience.

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          Re: Cod ghosts xbox 360 squad points overload problem

          Hey kempster6,


          Thank you for posting your concerns here. I understand how frustrating it may be to unknowingly join a modded lobby and have your stats altered. The best thing you can do is to immediately leave the lobby and report any players you suspect of cheating via in-game report tool here. We are not able to reset stats at this time, but we will update you once/if we add that feature. If you have not violated the security enforcement, you should be okay. We are unable to say 100% as these are matters our security team handles.




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