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    Aim Assist and Sticky Aim

      The guns are really glitched when it comes these two words the guns have to much aim assist and the snipers have to much sticky aim and aim assist so does the assault rifles I think you need to tone down the aim assist on all guns and you need to remove aim assist and sticky aim from the snipers and then add sway and flinch that's the only reason people are complaining about snipers. Is because they are too easy to use they should triple the amount of sway and flinch cause they lack it and they have too much hip fire sticky aim and scoped sticky aim and they also have to much scoped aim assist as well. Every time I use snipers they seem to lock on while I am in hip fire mode so all I have to do is aim down my sight and shoot. The other guns seem too easy to use with all the aim assist and stick aim to be honest I think that's what is causing guns to seem like they have no recoil.