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    Hacked lobby = dead game

      On Monday I entered a public Dom lobby (via the usual Find a game route). The game started seemed normal then leveling went crazy, people under the map killing. I left....but it was too late. Lvl increased to 60 from 15.


      Activision's pathetic reply.

      'If your stats are boosted by a hacker there is nothing we can do. Activision will not reset your stats. Please note that knowingly entering a hacked server may be grounds for a ban. To avoid this, make sure you do not accept game invites from people you do not know or trust.'


      It wasn't an invited game...normal public. Tried so many times to contact them but alas nothing.


      Some dedicated servers might have help stop this.....and why the hell can't they reset if they can't who can? Just lazy, plain bullsh*t


      Anyway my game is now unplayable....I get a squad point every 2 seconds....sound and screen text. Completely distracting and impossible to have just one game of fun.  With all the squad points its like putting a game in and going straight to the boss and game done!


      Shame i was actually enjoying the game and now its f***ed!

      The quickest selling game of all time and its publicly modded in less than a week......shameless.

      Then there is the abuse in every lobby i enter....not my fault but i don't blame them.


      £40 quid pi**ed away......


      I have 8 unopened copies for family Christmas presents (a boxing day family match we have most years). Should i just return them and find an alternative or will the hacking be resolved by then?

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          i agree that hacking is unacceptable but they are investigating these stupid infected lobbies I can assure you this will be resolved just be patient my friend I know it is hard and I really feel for you, I will update you if I hear any glimmer of news and I am sorry to hear your frustration.

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            Its annoying they couldn't be more communicative. I would hope that they are currently investigating as to who was in on this and who just got caught up, and would subsequently offer resets.


            It saddens me that there are kids out there who just need to be max prestige soooooooo badly. I mean, its not an obvious sign of cheating or anything when you see someone with a max prestige rank and only about a day played... *facepalm*

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                I hope they fix that fast I have seen at least 100 high ranks which were so obvious that they were hacked it made me burst into laughter of their obvious and childlike stupidity, Who on earth plays a video game to only boost or hack their way up? I will tell you who people who throw their money down the drain cheating your way up in ranks and stats removes a key purpose in Call of Duty all I can say is that they are stupid idiots! Thankfully I report them all and it is a only a matter of time till they get the reset/banhammer!

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                i don't get why they can't simply re set players down to the level they claim to be before being boosted.  Its blatantly obvious they could do that, if they can do a full re set they can clearly also do a partial.  its the sheer level of ignorance on their part about the scale of the problem.  10 mins on google and they'd see.


                actually they blatantly do know but just don't care, with all their server data from listen servers they can see.  if they don't have a system for checking data from those servers they are even more of a complete joke then i already thought

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                    So are you going to pay all the people to check thru ten million gamertags and fix their scores to where they were if they were hacked ?


                    Even if they had some sort of sign up sheet it would take hundreds of man hours just to go thru them all.


                    And then you will have to go check them all over again because they havent made a patch yet to make it stop ?


                    You cant stop the horse from escaping if you dont fix the barn door first. And they are working on the barn door right now.

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                    They are never going to get rid of hackers even with dedicated servers. For one thing there is no guarantee you will get a dedicated server in your game. Second of all the hacked lobbies in BF4 pretty much proved that.


                    If there is a hacker out there then something will be hacked.


                    Just like hackers and cheaters there is and always will be crime in this world. So to make sure we dont become a victim of crime we are forced to make changes in our life to prevent becoming a victim.


                    Just like for the time being you need to make changes to your gaming habits to make sure this doesnt happen. One way of that would have been aware of this before it even spread for future reference. Just like people in the neighborhood should be aware of a burglar casing the area by keeping track of such things, watching the news, checking the internet etc.


                    Not in ANY way to say you are at fault but you should be aware of things around you as much as you can. This is software usage on Xbox Live. ALL software is hackable. If there is a virus in Outlook Express it is good to be aware of that virus infection and take steps to prevent it from getting to you until a fix is found.


                    Not to be mean or anything but do you want to know why I have never gotten into a modded lobby ? Because I keep updated on what to avoid. For example you want to know how come I never got spawn killed repeatedly ? Bercause I avoided those gametypes with those maps that were screwed up.

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                        I could not of put it better myself well said and I shall rephrase this always be careful it is already known that these hacked lobbies seem to only crop up in domination lobbies so avoid domination until it is fixed it is simple as that isn't it meerkat?


                        Too be honest other lobbies can be hacked so I advise you check players and don't kill if you suspect anything at all!

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                            I hear its free for all lobbies too.


                            So just to be safe I only play Squads games.


                            OR play the other 3 games I bought this month

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                              Its software developers who hold the torch when making software that is both secure and safe. Yes it will eventually be hacked but clearly there were some serious flaws in the software.


                              The biggest issue is no reset. granted they can't search the whole list but they should do it on request.


                              I purchased a game and did not expect it to be broken within such a short time. If you bought any other product and it went pear shaped after a week you would get a refund.


                              Would also be nice if they acknowledged it is happening.


                              So before i play any online game I am to check to see if there are public hacked lobbies..........amazing! Out of the Millions of players only around 50k have been impacted (From Hi scores table) so the chances of entering a modded lobby is very small.  I was away of Hacked private games and lobbies but not public.


                              Given that the Activision beast keeps these stories out of mainstream media how exactly would i know? Lots of TV news stories about sales nothing about these hacks.


                              And now they are in every game type does that mean your not playing at all?


                              As for spawn camping.......never had it happen to me ever....

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                                Well that would be all well and fine...if DOMINATION WASN'T THE ONLY WORTHWHILE OBJECTIVE MODE.  They took out all the good modes.  So you get dom, crap, tdm, crap, KC, crap, tdm, tdm, tdm, tdm....oh and both hardcore modes.  Theres no excuse for this.

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                              Hope it gets fixed soon- I was a victim to one of these hacked lobbies- totally lame.

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                                Just play it for a day or so and the squad points will stop popping up eventually.



                                And lawl... Ghosts is not the fastest selling game FYI