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        10. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

        Off the Grid = useless.


        I have sworn by stealth, Ghost/Assassin Pro/UAV Jammer etc. in every COD that I have played, but in this game hiding from UAV is a waste of 3-points. Personally, I find enemy teams struggle to co-ordinate Sat-COM usage adeptly or frequently enough to warrant equipping the counter-perk. If you're hiding from 'Eyes on' painting to the mini-map, what is the point? Afterall the enemy has 'Eyes On' you - so what difference does your dot on the mini-map make?


        As I say, I have sworn by the UAV counter-perks - I hate feeling violated by the knowledge that the enemy knows where I am, but in this game it is a non-factor. Equipping Wire-Tap for those 3-points instead is a better option I find, or using both sound-perks instead gives you greater 'one-up' than Off the Grid provides.


        I can literally count the times where I have thought "oh, I could have done with Off the Grid there" -  I don't even run it in my specialist set-up IIRC. I think now, I keep a Off the Grid class for strong players/Wire-Tap users/co-ordinated teams - otherwise, for random pubs, it's just a waste of 3-points to me.


        As regards camping, yep - it is annoying, but what can you do? It's a great game - but you can't legislate for the community.


        This game addresses the TF LMG ****, but instead breeds the Thermal sight sniper.. heck the Thermal sight anything. Vector, AK-12, Remington... I've seen 'em all!


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          11. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

          brentcers37 wrote:


          In my honest opinion, it is a bit of a headache, especially when people equip Dead Silence/Amplify and/or Off The Grid with their camping classes... It's even worse than MW3, when people used Assassin Pro with portable radars and we all know how OP Assassin Pro was.

          Really? I didn't know it was OP. What did it do outside of removing you off of radar and keeping a red name hanging over your head? People want to bash a perk that was passive. Maybe if people stopped relying on radar so much we can finally move on from this debate. Camping isn't a problem, not being able to deal with campers is the real issue.

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            12. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?


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              13. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

              Can I like this more than once? No!? DAMN!

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                14. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

                I am seriously not sure why we cannot like these posts more than once (LOL)

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                  15. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

                  You will always have camping.  And with this game having KEM strikes then yes campers.  I just wish they can play the objective.  Hc kc is the worst.  People run by tags just to keep there kd up.  Cranked is great objective is kill and if you dont boom start over

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                    16. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

                    As Tru11 says, you got beat.


                    People come to the forums, complain about something, and then say "I have no problem dealing with them"...


                    I call BS.


                    Nobody complains about what they can overcome; people only complain when they get beat. Simple as that.


                    Camping is NOT a new issue (hell it has never been an issue).  If I stalk around and choose not to check a corner or watch my flank and get shot in the back, who's fault is that!?


                    Can we please grow up and stop complaining that the enemy is not glowing red with an arrow over their head saying "shoot me!"...?  If you want to ONLY shoot at people who run out in front of your gun, too f'ing bad. Not gonna happen. If people don't like it, they should pull out a Nintendo system and play Duck Hunt damnit.




                    I meant to say: "No, I don't think camping is a problem"

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                      17. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

                      Many people say the community as at fault for camping, which is partially true, but it is a problem with the game itself in the end. IW has essentially given us all of the tools we need to camp effectively. Huge maps with lines of sight that literally overlook almost the entire map? Check. Off the Grid, which went back on everything good Treyarch did in balancing Ghost? Check. Portable Radars, I.E.D's and Ampify? Check.


                      I used to be a rusher in past CoDs, especially in BO2. Look at the core game mechanics of BO2 and you'll see why almost no one camped. Simple, small maps, easy to remember so there's never a spot to hide in the people won't be aware of or check, bouncing betties and claymores both had various ways to be avoided without having to use Engineer, unlike I.E.D's. Character movement was MUCH quicker, and all of the rushing weapons, shotguns, SMG's etc were the most useful weapons. And of course, Ghost, which was finally balanced to perfection, making it so you're only invisible on the radar if you're moving.


                      Many fundamental things are wrong with Ghosts, it promotes and rewards camping wholeheartedly. You can rush like in past CoD games. Luckily, lots of new techniques are in place. Essentially, I avoid campers by using a strict series of movements that I always go by, which is more or less, never run into a room without checking corners. Always use the lean mechanic to check corners, so this way no one ever catches you fully exposed, and always always always slide to cover as you move through open areas. I use the slide and lean more than most people, and as such, win many more gunfights that i may not have otherwise, especially with campers.

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                        18. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

                        I totally agree with your statement that "any play style can be dealt with"!!!!!

                        As a player, you need to adapt. I often hunt those that are camping, my KD goes for a dive but there is some major satisfaction in it.

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                          19. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

                          I've seen a lot of camping complaining posts going on accross the forums, it getting lame now. People need to take into account that camping isn't going to stop. It ain't exactly unfair unless they are spawn killing you, but just generally camping in a room isn't a bad thing (mostly). In fact it is a rather strategic way of surviving and getting the high scorestreaks, it will be a permanant COD feature.


                          I only read these threads because its entertaining but nowadays its getting less interesting. Now its just boring and I cannot believe people are still complaining, the people complaining will just have to accept nothing will change in the next COD games (if there will be any). Camping is a permanant thing as I said, nothing you can do and nothing you can ever do to stop it, unless things change. But in the way things are going right now, it ain't promising.


                          Just a clear opinion of mine, you could go on complaining and I won't say much but all i'm saying now is its wasting your time.

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