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        20. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

        Camping topic needs to be banned. Same old responses for and against. Enough already!

        Last Edited: Nov 26, 2013 10:19 AM
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          21. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

          I think the complaints are somewhat justified, as long as they don't go overboard with rage lol. People complain because they enjoy the game, and CoD is one of those games that has the ability to be INCREDIBLY fun if people play it the way it was meant to be played. And yes, it was NOT meant to be played by camping. Just look at the core mechanics. 60fps, tight controls, extremely high input response time, gunfights that end in fractions of a second. This game, from the way it's engine was built, was designed to be a modern twitch shooter. When people camp, it ruins what would be an extremely fun game if more people utilized the design choices.

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            22. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

            Some camping posts are getting locked by Actvision constantly. This continuous amount of camping posts is bugging me, people need to make more worth-it posts instead of complaining about the same thing over and over again. Its been like, around 8-9 COD's now and still people have not learnt to deal with the use of camping. They are only making it harder for themselves.

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              23. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

              I knew by your name what your post was going to say... sad.


              Also on a side note I'd say maybe bad oops 2 was "meant" to be played a certain way. This cod however is meant to be played ALL ways.

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                24. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

                I think the issue is that there is a whole generation that had their first COD experience with BO2. Snipers (what some would call campers) hated the fact that they could not truely snipe on BO2 (BO2 was made for Rushers). Ghost is the most balanced of the COD titles (IMO). I agree with most on this thread that the argument needs to go away. All style of play can be countered if you just think about it. We just have a large group of players who are trying to bring the style of game to Ghosts from BO2 and it is not working and they are frustrated. If you want to rush then rush but do not complain or start talking smack and calling me a f'ing camper after the match because you ran around in the same circle 3 times and I got 2 headshots because I noticed your pattern of runing up the same pathway to the center of the map. Quit expecting other to change their style of play it is not going to happen as long as they are being successful and having fun.

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                  25. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

                  brentcers37 wrote:


                  I've noticed that camping has become a major hot topic in Ghosts right now, so I want to know what you think about it.

                  If it's a major hot topic in Ghosts right now, then threads should be plentiful to gain the knowledge you seek. Why didn't you read the other discussions to see what people think?



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                    26. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

                    This is a basic outline of all the commotion between player's playstyle's. As already mentioned, people are getting real annoyed because they are not fitting well in the new game titles. Mostly because of being used to another specific gamestyle, e.g Black ops 2 = Rushing.

                    COD Ghosts however matches all kinds of playstyles, but people are getting confused, they're style of play is not getting them through the matches on other titles, well the answer is they are simply trash at COD or they are against tough players.


                    Camping however, is also a playstyle so this is to the complaining people, Nothing will ever change!

                    Making posts and all that useless stuff is getting you stressed, more stressed than the actual "campers" get you, GIVE UP.

                    Activision will eventually remove your post, wasting your time, again.



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                      27. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

                      Camping is the best thing a COD player can do. Look, you don't have to waste your breath chasing infinite runners or being sniped as you try to make your way across a map. Just sit back and let them come to you!

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                        28. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

                        My opinion (you did ask for one) I'm getting sick of these types of threads, it isn't going to change because of these endless threads about it.


                        What needs to change is the people who are affected by it.


                        Campers gonna camp!  (We all do it sometimes!)

                        Last Edited: Nov 26, 2013 3:25 PM
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