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    10th prestige lobbies Ghosts 360

      There are already 10th prestige lobbies on Call of duty Ghost. If you go to the Barracks, and select Leaderboards->Score->Filter->then select ALL instead of Friends then hit X to go to the top of the list, and there they are. Thousands of people have cheated Call of Duty Ghosts. People who have 10000 days played. Gamertags with obviously cheated scores, and ranks. Now I want to know what is happening on this issue. If this is not going to be fixed I would like to get a 10th prestige lobby myself. Because obviously it seems to be better to be a cheater on Call of duty Ghosts then a Legit Player. Infinity Ward has done nothing about this, and I only bought Ghosts because the Activision Customer Service said there would be absolutely no Cheating on Call of Duty Ghosts Whatsoever. IF THIS DOESN'T GET FIXED I AM GETTING BATTLEFIELD 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!