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    My opinion on ghosts

      Hello cod world....


      This game is entertaining.  Yes if your in this forum and a relatively active member chances are you have a love for call of duty.  Now some choose to complain about certain things in the game rather then overcoming those obstacles by actually improving ones skill on the game.  You can say my statement is invalid but I see more complaining or taking the easy way out rather then trying to seek advice from those doing better then you or putting in the time to become a better player.  See I wasn't blessed with cat like reflex's allowing me to "destroy noobs" with elite aim.  I am who I am as a player.  I'm someone who doesn't rely on my aim to do well but rather use my map awareness and ability to predict enemy movements to succeed in the game.  I feel like in ghosts you can succeed with any given skill set going back to basic roots of call of duty.  You can use marksmen rifles and snipers to let your great aim shine.  You can use ARs to lock down portion of the map and let your intellect and meta game shine.  HELL, you can even use smgs and the right mixture of tacticals and lethals to play the obj and give your team an  advantage.  Heres were most of us go wrong.  We look at a player against us going lets say 40-8.  We say he got lucky rather then acknowledging the fact that we fell short and got outplayed.  Instead of setting aside our egos we blame THE GAME or LAG or CUSS OUT THE MAN, when in reality you are missing out on a chance to improve yourself by asking the person questions and reviewing what you did wrong in the game.  My point is that the game isn't always at fault, you can't always blame the game for your own mistakes.  There comes a point in time were we have to stop making excuses and step up.  I hope my post gives some insight on why you might be frustrated while playing Call of Duty ghosts.


      Please leave any questions or objections to my arguement below


      Thanks for reading!!!