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    Hackers in Call Of Duty Ghosts PS3. All perks, Minigun, Unlimited killstreaks

      The hacking in Call Of Duty Ghosts is getting out of control. Every game I play now has a hacker of some type ruining the online for everyone else in the match. I have seen them in every game type. Even FFA.


      1. They normally will have glitched prestige level or be maxed out all ready. There prestige emblem may appear corrupted as well.

      2. They will have special colors in their clan tag that are not normal.

      3. When they kill you online and you watch the killcam you will see they have ALL perks at once.

      4. They most likely will be running around with a minigun 24/7.

      5. They are normally terrible players even with a damn minigun and all perks.

      6. Some players are not able to be reported that are using hacks. Your system will just say there is an error in game as well as on the PSN reporting system.

      7. There are random hacked lobbies in team games as well sometimes that boost players level up super fast to level 60 or close to it with 1 kill. Sometimes for just doing things like jumping you level up. To level up another character you have to back out, change characters and re-enter a lobby to level up the new character. You still have to earn squad points. This also causes prestige emblem glitches and some characters.

      8. Players in team games calling in unlimited helicopters by a confirmed hacker on their team.


      I have a friend who is prestige 8 and I have played the game more than him since it came out.

      I reported him in game.

      I am a legit player is tired of all the hacking and the F-UPed leaderboards.

      In Black Ops 2 I hardly came across anything like this.

      In Ghosts hacking is common and ruining the game.

      There is an old saying...can't beat them...join them.

      That is what people will start doing if Activision does not fix the game and ban the hackers.


      Remember to report anything that doesn't seem right.

      Like if a player has 4 hours played but is a 1st prestige or higher. Dead giveaway.

      I will keep reporting the hackers.

      What hacks have you all seen so far?