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    {US} {PS3} BreakingXSilence [BxS]

      Breaking Silence is a new competitive clan looking for skilled people to join. We are recruiting for clan wars and CBs. Our main game modes are Dom, Blitz, CK, and Public Clan Battles. We are looking to become a top ps3 clan and therefore have requirments.

      KD: 2.00

      W/L: 1.0

      Have a Decent Streak and Avg kills (I wont give a number)

      Know Callouts

      And above all else have gunskill!

      We play on western USA time zone but that doesnt mean you cant join if you dont live there it just means you have to be able to make scheduled events that might be outrageous if you live in the UK.

      Also there will be a sniping division to our clan which negates all requirements except gunskill.

      If interested Add HellzX_XGun with a message attached reading: Clan


      Also, you will have to be patient due to the fact thats the clan app and invites are all messed up.