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    PS4 Clan - [GENS] - Recruiting for clan and for clan wars. Info in this posting

      The full name of this clan is Genocide Squads.

      We (I) just started this clan on PS4 and would only take those who i see do good in multiplayer matches (If i see your good in any game mode or just a plain clutch for your team i will accept you).

      This clan is for the purpose of clan wars to conquer and destroy all opposing clans.

      To join you must and i mean must have a PS4 to play together.

      For me to know you want to join the clan you must add me at Allk99 (PSN account) and you must message me saying you want to join. Also be prepared i will join 3 of your game to watch you anomalously and judge you based off of kills/death.

      Any old clan will may be stuck up and act like they only accept pros and do not do anything with them.

      I will add you to my clan, join games and play with fellow clan mates, also if you see you got problems with Ghosts i can definitely help you with pointers.

      Mic is optional, and now its your decision.

      Any more information you can just contact me like i said at my PSN account.

      One thing finally i would like too add before my question. This clan will aim for winning or at least getting top 3. We will try our best and we will conquer so we need people who will be active and willingly participate so now the question...

      Will you join Genocide Squads [GENS] on the PS4 for clan war action, and awesome multiplayer experiences, and the chance to meet new people and become friends?