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    {XBOX360} COD GHOSTS & COD BOII! LHC/Loyal, Honor, Courage!! Recruiting Mature and Active members 14+



      Oct 2013 a clan was made not just any clan a fun clan. Do you wanna be somebody, do you wanna be a brother/sister, do you want to be reckless, do you want to join a team, well look no further!! LHC Gaming is recruiting now!! LHC is not just any clan we are a Organized Family with a Standard Code Of Conduct, Website, Forums, Squads, Rank Structure, Weekly Activities, Meetings, Prizes and MORE...


      HOW TO JOIN:


      We do have a website you can sign up on. You will need to be 14 and have a MIC. www.lhcgaming.webs.com. You can add Squad General of Supreme LHC Ballout VII and he will set you up or Squad General of Vortex LHC Taks VII and he will set you up. PLEASE LET EITHER ONE OF THESE GENERALS KNW THAT I REFERRED YOU!!


      Thank You!! Add me on Xbox vDailyy

      LHC THEN

      LHC NOW




      Cpt1 of Legacy