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    nothing has been done to "fix" quick-scoping!!!


      in free for all, 4 or 5 matches out of 10 will be one by quick-scopers....and this is what infinity ward call "reducing" the ability to get away with this...


      just play any free for all match...it crazy!!!!  some times its 2 or 3 out of 8 players doing it...and if you watch the kill cam, all they are doing is running around and snap shotting with a one hit kill weapon!!!!!


      ghosts is no where near the game that it was hyped up to be.....


      as if the spawns and silly ass dog kills isnt bad enuff...throw in the tards with the Ghillie suits running around and able to out gun assault rifles and sub machine guns.....


      all weapons except for sniper rifles are forced by the mechanics of the game to play as intended....but the best weapon to consistently when a run and gun encounter is a sniper rifle...yet another epic fail !!!!!!

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          the funny thing is all bet a good amount of people QSing are using a modded controller with a QS mod and not actually getting the timing right on there own 

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            I started a thread yesterday that mentioned disabling the Quickdraw perk if a sniper rifle was equipped but that thread got deleted for some reason. I agree that Quickscoping is a huge detriment to my fun in this game and now the thermal sight seems to make it even more prevalent.

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              Quickscoping is part of the COD franchise, I cant do it, but my 15yr old son can. I dont like it and it really frustrates me, but.....you just gotta deal with it

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                Quickscoping isn't the problem seriously it's not an exploit or cheat and yes they may have a quickscoping mod on a controller but even then it's still not a problem. The snipers a problem they are the only powerful guns in the game that are way too easy to use even if you are sniping or quickscoping whatever you do with a sniper they are too easy to use because they have too much aim assist and sticky aim and they lack sway and idle sway and flinch. In order to make snipers harder to use they need to make it where sticky aim only takes affect inside of the scope after being in it for 2 seconds and they need to remove aim assist 100 percent then they need to add 100 percent more sway and flinch. But yea quickscoping isn't a problem even with quickdraw because the fact you would need to get rid of the hold aim mechanic in order to actually get rid of it and because they still have to aim it. It's pretty bad when true quickscopers and snipers are complaining in the lobby about how it's to easy to use the sniper rifles now.

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                  I dont see the big deal about quickscoping. I quickscope myself and i do tend to hear people complaining about me killing them and call me a hacker. The honest truth is that i have a headset, and i have EXTREMELY GOOD reactions. I do not "cheat" or "mod". And people with lesser reactions than me who come in here and call me a hacker is what makes my call of duty experience hell. It is not my fault that you are older and because of your slower reactions blame either me cheating or the game lagging. Stop making up excuses and play another game type if dont like it. I spent a great deal of time and died thousands of times to figure out how to properly handle a sniper rifle and how to set myself up to have an advantage over someone who can simply look at my direction and hose me down with a gun without even aiming; having said that, i believe you have no reason to complain since snipers only have one shot while you have a whole magazine to unload on us.

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                    Quickscoping has never been a problem in any COD, take a look at the scores of every quickscoper, they're barely over a 1 KD.


                    If you're consistently getting quickscoped, you must not be a very good player. So instead of forcing other players to play differently, try getting better at the game.

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                      alot more things need doing to the game and your whining about quickscoping? if you cant kill someone with a sniper using a ak or what not i suggest you go play another game.

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                        who cares.  But to your point...things have been done. 

                        The way you scope in is different

                        ADS time is longer

                        Perks to decrease ADS time are less effective

                        Aim Assist is less exploitable


                        Not to mention fire rate of snipers, compared to every other gun has a huge gap.  They have one shot, and if you let them get that shot off, they can miss, and if they kill you from there you deserve it.