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    How to get COD app if not having an IOS, Android or Windows mobile device?

      At my duty station I do not have IOS-, Android or windows mobile device. I have a Blackberry. How to get the COD App to see my stats and manage my clan?


      I tried on windows 8 laptop to get through windows store, cannot find it (games/shooter, but there is no COD App).


      On the weekend when I was home:

      I tried on a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, laterst and fully updated Android version. In google play store I found the Appl but got a 'no matching/supported device". No chance that it would allow me to install

      I tried on a Samsung Galaxy Ace with a fully updated Android OS (not sure of version). Cannot find the App in Google play store.


      What do I do?

      Is it too much to ask to have a web browser funtion available until the bugs are sorted out?


      It is frustrating if I have to be at the PS3 for anything I want to do/know about my stats or clan.


      Thank you

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