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    Looking for a friendly clan K/D 1.64

      Hi! I'm Ella, 18 yrs old based in UK. I'm new to PS3 but I've had experience with Xbox for 4 years. 

      Preferably looking for a laid back COD: Ghosts team on PS3 that allows fun + more casual players and have a great time but knows how to win a game.

      My stats playing pretty much 90% solo:

      W/L: 2.38

      K/D: 1.64

      PSN: MissEllax

      Feel free to add me as I'm always looking for new people to play with

      More Info:

      • In the past commentated on YouTube with around 3,000 subscribers. Quit.
      • Prefer TDM, Cranked, Hunted modes
      • I play Ghosts + MW3 on PS3 Daily
      • I play without a mic but will purchase one if required


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          Re: Looking for a friendly clan K/D 1.64

          Check out Veritas Gaming!

          We do require a mic.

          We have women already, one's a squad leader.

          We have a YouTube team with a GFX partner. We're not as big as you were, but we want to try.


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            Re: Looking for a friendly clan K/D 1.64



            Here at Avail Gaming we plan to bring the most exciting and fun environment to our members, We currently have rebranded ourselfs and would like to have you as part of the family! We do plan to go Xbox and Playstation along with next-gen consoles, We are however looking for players for our new Elite team, Snipers, Pub stompers! We currently don't have a K.D requirement, We like to give everyone a chance to show us what they can do to help the team. As long as your active and have a mic along with being friendly then your welcome to us! although, we do recommend a positive K.D but not required! We have been a team since '06 and yes, we are sponsored and attend lans and tournaments! With jerseys and apparel on its way and custom controllers by our sponsor! If your interested to join the family please contact me back by on either XBL or email only please! Also if your interested in running the PS3/PS4 side..we are all in for it! just shoot me an email and we can talk to how to get started! Requirements and contact info posted below!


            CONTACT INFO:


            Xbox Live: TooKool iT

            Email: TooKoolForWords@yahoo.com

            Twitter: TooKool_iT




            -Must Have a mic


            -Able to change gamertag ( if not then thats okay )


            Happy Gaming,


            Nick ( aka TooKool )

            Owner of Avail Gaming

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