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    How often do you.......

      --Wish the guy who just killed you could see the kill cam from your point of view before he gets too excited about his glorious victory....


      --Wish you had literally 0.5 seconds or the time it takes to push x one more time to finish making changes to your class before the game starts.


      --Slowly approach the opening or door being disciplined and cautious since you know it is a high traffic area..  You step out,  look right and BAM dead.  On the kill cam there was a guy to your left. Killcam


      --Think to yourself "I have been running in this straight line way too long.  Someone is going to get me from behind"  Click.......Killcam


      --Get shot rounding a corner, lay prone and wait a few seconds for the "shooter" to chase you. You think hes gone so you poke your head back around the corner. Killcam

      --Sit in a spot for a minute knowing there is enemies outside.  You decide to move, take 3 steps.... Killcam  You moved 1 second too early.


      --"my team mate is right there looking that way, my 6 o'clock is safe" Killcam.

      --You come around a corner after flanking and see 3 enemies with their backs to you.  As your mouth begins to water and you draw up on the first one.......... click Killcam  You didnt see the 4th one that you moved passed while drawing your weapon.

      --Free for all the game starts in 5-4-3-2-1 Killcam 

      -- Run around whole map with 10 bullets in my clip and not find anyone, As soon as I reload -Killcam


      I think its funny how this game works sometimes.  Add some if ya got some if not chuckle and move along.  No lag talk or style bashing  allowed up in here   Theres 498,000 other threads for rhat.  Feel free to visit them.