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    Help I think I'm getting worse at multiplayer

      Ok I've had the game about a week now.  I'm not the best and I haven't been playing non stop every day, but I'm rank 14 on my main soldier.  I wasn't doing too bad the first few days, but lately it seems I just suck ridiculously bad.  It looks like I'm hitting someone and I'm dead before I get a few shots off.  I try camping but I either wind up sitting for so long I get bored and move or someone kills me before I can even hear them walking by.


      So I guess my main problem is just play a whole lot more and practice?  And should I stick with FFA so I'm not that idiot bringing the team down?  Any advice is most appreciated.  Right now, I'm gonna play the campaign again on Veteran maybe that will  help some.  Thanks!