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    Viet Gaming is recruiting for BO2/XBOX

      Victory In Elite Time, otherwise known as Viet Gaming or simply Viet, is actively recruiting members of all skill levels for Black Ops 2 on XBOX. We are a small-time clan looking to blow up while forging friendships and alliances along the way.

      Why should you join Viet Gaming?

      • Surround yourself with mature players (16+ only).
      • We cater to both competitive and casual players.
      • There is an active participation from the leadership level.
      • Future inner-clan tournaments complete with prizes.
      • Future squad creations with the possibility of leading your own.
      • Future plans to expand to other games and platforms.
      • Commitment to always improving (and having fun while doing it).
      • Oh, and our gold clan tag looks bling.


      For rules and requirements, visit www.viet-gaming.com.

      To submit an application, visit https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/10075988.