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    Looking for a clan. [xBox 360 - MW3]

      Been playing xBox again for awhile and decided to look for a clan. I usually only play early mornings/afternoons due to my midnight work schedule.. preferably a clan that plays around my schedule. =)


      GT: CMDxChase


      Mainly play Hardcore SnD, TDM and Core SnD, TDM, DOM and Ground.

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          Re: Looking for a clan. [xBox 360 - MW3]

          we are recruiting if interested inbox me my gt is aidread

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            Re: Looking for a clan. [xBox 360 - MW3]

            Looking for players just to play when they want to no ties. My xbox 360 is BROXI DOG DOG send us a message if interested, all players accepted.

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              Re: Looking for a clan. [xBox 360 - MW3]

              I just made a new clan called, "Cobra Warfare". I wouldn't mind if you joined but you gotta help me do some recruiting too because so far, I'm the only member. Literally just made this clan today. Anyways, I have a schedule too. I'm on every other weekend because my parents are divorced. I'm here for six weeks in the summer. However, you can contact me any time with my username, "Thee Acid Cobra" I will check my Xbox Live account frequently.




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