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    I feel as if I'm the only one that "digs" Ghosts... Dont know why.


      I have to admit, after the mediocre Black Ops 2, Ghosts is a bit of a step up for me. Connection-wise, this is definitely an improvement over Black Ops 2, which was one of the worst offenders as far as lag is concerned, and the complete abuse of the lag compensation. This game also shows more of a progression towards much larger map environments... the large maps almost completely dominate the multiplayer here, with the exception of two that are smaller than the rest: Strikezone, and Freight. This particular progression is not what many Call of Duty fans would like too much, since the vast majority of them would prefer small to medium sized maps... which is why I believe the bad spawning garbage started on MW3, which had a lot of small maps; particularly on a map like Dome(the worst offender for bad spawns) --- (Infinity Ward if you are reading this post, as an absolute die-hard Call of Duty fan, I am asking that you DO NOT bring this map back in Ghosts!! It kills me to say it, but Dome is among the worst maps you guys have ever made. Seriously, the spawns were so awful on this one, that its become one of my most hated Call of Duty maps, ever. So whatever you guys at IW do, just dont bring Dome back.) On Ghosts, however, Freight happens to be the only map I'm not particularly a big fan of. Freight suffers from more of a camping problem than bad spawns, I must say though(lots of buildings for camping anyone?). But although I do like the direction they are taking with larger maps, they really didn't quite throw in enough small or medium sized maps to accompany and balance out the larger ones with them. The only guns I can really almost call overpowered are the VEPR and MTAR-X, they aren't much more powerful than the rest of the guns, but they were powerful enough that I could notice. The perk system is pretty good too, but I much prefer the MW3 perk system better. Extinction I actually really like for what it is, it shows that IW has broke away from Spec Ops Survival, and finally did a long-awaited take on Treyarch's "Zombies", by using aliens instead. I think Infinity Ward deserves some gratitude for trying something new, which they haven't done so much for a very long time. Now, Ghosts is one of those Call of Duty games, that for me and a lot of other people, will take time to grow on you; as digging it for me did test my patience at times. If you hate this game at first, keep giving it a chance, and you might have a love for it. If you still don't like it, well thats just you(its ok if you don't like it, lol.) Sorry if some of my writing seems very out of place at times, I tend to do that alot. Ghosts is definitely going to be looked back on as a "love it or hate it" Call of Duty game in the near future, thats for damn sure... also you can definitely tell its not going to age very well. Please excuse my nitpicking. Some things I wrote have not gone into much detail so excuse me for that as well. So if I was one to score this game I'd give it an 8/10. Still far from Infinity Ward's best game, but its not the worst Call of Duty ever either.