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    MLG Columbus is finally here!


      The very first competitive tournament for Ghosts kicks off today and I for one can't wait until the action starts. All the best players from around the world will be competing here, all battling it out for a prize pool worth $50,000, with a $20,000 prize for 1st place. There will be commentators to keep spectators aware of the strategies behind each game whilst also highlighting important decisions and the big plays that the players are making. Because of this, I've found that watching competitive is a great (if not the best) way of getting better at the game and learning how to play. Not only is the event "educational" () it will also contain some great plays too, and I thought I'd include a couple of moments that spring to mind from past events:



      - In the deciding game of a series, a CTF is drawn in regulation time, taking us into overtime. In the first round, nV capture the flag in under a minute, with everyone now expecting them to see out the victory. They are left with 1 player (who was only 15!) alive who has it all to do and can be seen in this video: Nifty's clutch vs Envyus UMG Atlanta - YouTube


      - In the final of the most recent event, Optic are 1-3 down in a first to 4 series and go 5-0 up in this search and destroy, looking likely to mount a comeback. However, Complexity (the best team) then came back to win the game 6-5 including a couple of 1vs2/3 clutches. Optic vs Complexity MLG Orlando Grand Final Game 5 - YouTube




      Now, onto today... There are 2 matches in particular that I'd highly recommend watching.

      The first is Team Kaliber vs Epsilon. These are 2 top teams, with Team Kaliber achieving a lot of 3rd and 4th place finishes throughout the Black Ops 2 season which they will be looking to better this season. However, in Epsilon they face a team that many top pros considered to be the 2nd best in the world towards the end of Black Ops 2, and they come from the UK! Traditionally, North American teams have been dominant and so my support will have to go to them as one of the few UK teams competing. This match kicks off at 6:30pm EST or 11:30pm GMT.


      The second is arguably even bigger than this first match. It showcases nV vs Curse LV, 2 teams that many people expect to be strong contenders for 1st place. There are huge names competing in this match up, I'd look out particularly for Karma from nV (some say he is the best player in the game) and MirX from Curse. These 2 players are on fire at the moment and this match will have some of the highest level competition that will be seen all weekend. There is no scheduled start time for this match, but I'd estimate that it would start at around 11pm EST or 4am GMT.


      All matches can be watched live from Major League Gaming's website. I'd recommend giving it a try... it's something I enjoy watching and thought I'd share with you guys.

      If anyone has any questions, get asking and I'll get round to replying.