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    Not won a single game in 5 hours

      Yes I have lost every single game the past 5 hours and im sick of CoD now, I have been playing since day one but the past month or so im finding it harder and harder to even get hit markers, I even got a DVR to record my games and it clearly shows me shooting people dead on target 4 or 5 times yet I don't get a single hit marker.


      Also almost every game I play im teamed up with the $hittest player like I always have 3 players who die 20/30 + times and get 2/3 kills and complete ZERO objectives



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          Re: Not won a single game in 5 hours

          I do tend to spend more time searching than actually playing these days as well, when I do find a decent lobby I hang on to it for dear life!

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              Re: Not won a single game in 5 hours

              same here im tying to do clan ops this morning (kill confirmed ) after an hour I got one match with search set on "any"

              but the conection was that bad I couldn't move let alone shoot and why was I matched with players from germany and spain when im in Australia its bs , my nat type is open firewall down I have tried search set to best , normal,and any,

              but never makes any difference

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              Re: Not won a single game in 5 hours

              I reckon many have left blops 2 for better games.Try Hard core mode its all i've played in ages not saying its hareder or owt but you do get kills with hit markers

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                Re: Not won a single game in 5 hours

                This is game is on life support because it is so close to dying. When I first had this game there was 630,000 to 740,000 online players, now the online numbers do not even reach 200,000 and that is at weekends and it has been this way for a long while.


                I just get hit marker after hit marker, the other day I was so pissed I ran around with an RPG and I landed it right at someones feet and they just turned around and one shot me and worst thing...They didn't even have flak jacket or tactical mask on. I never really took any CoD game seriously to be honest, it's just a bit of fun and I play casually. I think I have had 13.5 days play since the game was released. I can Guarantee you though This is the last CoD I will ever be playing. MW3 is still the first and Last CoD I have and will ever buy.


                Most of my friends list have now moved on from CoD and are playing games like GTA V, FIFA 13/14, PES, Saints Row, Battlefield, Red Dead Redemption, L.A Noire and Dead Island amongst others. That really says it all.


                That is what happens when you get kids 8-17playing 18+ games along with hackers, other exploiters/glitchers and an old 1999 gaming engine. Adults just walk away and play something else.These companies made a shed load of money and they should have upgraded the engine and changed the game while they had the chance, now they will inevitably pay for their tightness on spending the money to upgrade.


                I honestly don't think they'll get the ADULTS back to this franchise and they know it was the adults that spent their money on the DLC maps.


                We'll soon be saying R.I.P to CoD.

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                    Re: Not won a single game in 5 hours

                    I wish I could give your post 1,000 likes.  I couldn't agree more.


                    On a side note, It's not like they left BO2 for Ghosts either.  Most days the combined ps3/ps4 numbers are under 200k.


                    They tried catering to kids to secure another generation, found that mommy was willing to spring for $60.00 for an electronic baby sitter, but not another $60.00 for more maps and another $20 for bacon reticules and neon camo and drove away the working adults that didn't mind paying $150.00 to escape for a few hours here and there.  Heck I spend that much on a round of golf and a cart and after 4 hours It's gone. 


                    Adults see 3 straight titles with unresolved lag/matchmaking issues, every version hacked, including Ghosts on day one with three confirmed hacks, 2 straight versions with simple, 3 lane small maps that has left the current game an smg/pistol reflex contest, and lobbies filled with blaring hip-hop or kids whose voices have not even changed swearing like sailors and made a conscious decision to spend their entertainment dollar on an adult product instead.


                    After MW3, I decided to give Activision one last chance and blops2 (or Lag of Duty: Hack Ops 2 as I like to call it) convinced me to never give Activision another dollar.  I never even added any DLC to BO2 and after reading how horrendous Ghosts is, I don't have any plans on coming back to the fold.  For months, the only time I play is if a group of friends wants to play and socialize together.


                    It's hard to believe Activision is so inept they managed to kill the golden goose.

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