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    Please stop attempting to balance the teams...

      In your obvious attempt to balance the teams by putting bad players on teams with good players, you have made it exceedingly hard for good players to win games without running with a full squad. This has been happening for years now, but I've usually been able (I say usually because I would still lose all the time because of my team mates. In fact, beings I almost never go negative, it's essentially ALWAYS my teams fault.) to bust through that bullshit and come out with the W.


      On this game, however, it is near impossible to win unless you're running with at least 3-4 of your crew (if not more).


      Here is a great example of my frustration. These are back to back games I had last night. We lost both, and I even had a guy with me. Still couldn't make up for the unrealistically bad players you manage to find, and then proceed to put on my team.


      [img]http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa179/Johnny_Sasaki20/20131121_125728.jpg[[/i mg]


      Very next game:




      All I ask is you at least tone it down a bit. I can't realistically make up for all that incompetence on my own.


      What's more, even if the teams were perfectly balanced, what would then be the point of playing? The general idea is that one team is better than the other. If you're just going to swap wins and losses all day, what's the point?


      I'd like to point out this happens all the time. I wouldn't come on here and ***** if it was only two games.

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          1. Re: Please stop attempting to balance the teams...

          Stay strong bro.  Once you find your go to setup youll find your groove!  For now try running dead silence and off the grid!?  Your situational awarness is more impotant than ever!   Off the grid will give you that luxery of finding tango without them knowing you're there.   Im a sniper and it pays dividends

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            2. Re: Please stop attempting to balance the teams...

            For every good player out there, there is a bad player also. If most of the good players play with their clan, it just leaves the bad players left to fill the slots open. This is why you see so many bad players on your team. It has nothing to do with balancing and more to do with what is available.


            JohnnySasaki20 wrote:


            What's more, even if the teams were perfectly balanced, what would then be the point of playing? The general idea is that one team is better than the other. If you're just going to swap wins and losses all day, what's the point?

            The point of playing is to better yourself so that you are not trading wins and losses. Why play to just flex your muscle when you can play to get better. You can be in the top 5% of all players and think that is good enough but set your goals higher and aim for top 1%. I know you can't control your teammates but what do you do to help them? Do you scream at them on the mic and curse them? Or do you call out enemy positions, use killstreaks that help the entire team, or even have their backs while they are running.

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              3. Re: Please stop attempting to balance the teams...

              I use both of those, and did you even look at the scores? My situational awareness is just fine. 

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                4. Re: Please stop attempting to balance the teams...

                I don't need bettering, I'm just fine. I do, however, attempt to better myself and beat my high scores every game. The problem doesn't lie with me, it lies with the players the game decides to put on my team. I don't always have the luxury of having my entire clan on at the same time. People have jobs, kids, wives etc. Sh!t to do. That doesn't mean I should be guaranteed a loss, no matter what score I post.


                What's more, most of my clan has quit because of the increasingly sh!tty games they continue to put out. This is a VERY slight step in the right direction it seems, although even with that said, the spawns are absolutely terrible (the worst they have ever been), and half the maps I wonder what they were thinking when they made them. I spawn and die without even getting control of my player at least 3-4 times a game.


                You would think they would have enough experience making games by now to understand how to spawn someone.   

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                  5. Re: Please stop attempting to balance the teams...

                  I just looked your player up. You have a high K/D ratio and a 3.65 W/L ratio. You're obviously very good and win quite often, despite you getting "guaranteed losses" because of random players. I see a lot more players with high K/D ratios and low W/L ratios so you are doing quite well. I understand you can't always play with your clan, I sometimes have the same problem too. Just control what you can control.


                  If the random teammates are not working out for you, try FFA. That way, when you do very well, you will most likely end up with the win.


                  Expecting others to change is silly. You only have the power to control yourself. Do what you can to make yourself happy. Complaining on a board where the players you complain about probably never come to will get you no where. Take control and good luck.

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                    6. Re: Please stop attempting to balance the teams...

                    The only reason I have that high of a W/L, is because I figured out early enough that if I want to win, I NEED to have a few of my clan members on with me. Every single game I've play by myself I have lost so far.


                    I do everything in my power to win, but I can't do a whole lot better than 37-8 and 41-10 in hardcore TDM. Let be real here.


                    Also, I'm only complaining on here, in the off chance someone who has a say in developing the game sees it and takes note. I know it's a long shot, but it's better than nothing.


                    ANd I know that W/L seems good, but with the scores I post every game, it should be through the roof. The only way I can measure myself is via my stats. I AM trying to better myself, but I've hit a plateau on the W/L front because of the unrealistically bad players this games throws on my team. Take a look, not at my scores, but the other players scores on my team in those two pictures I posted, and tell me that's not unbelievable.

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                      7. Re: Please stop attempting to balance the teams...

                      If they took out team balancing, what makes you think you still won't have only bad players on your team? Like I said in an earlier reply, for every good player, there is a bad player. Most good players are more likely to play with a group, to avoid the bad players. Bad players are most likely to play alone. If you have space on your team and the number of free bad players greatly outnumber the number of free good players, you are most likely to end up with a bad player than a good one.


                      Basically, as long as you let the game pick your teammates, you will most likely never end up with good ones. If your clan is hardly on, find players outside of your clan to play with. If you are not entirely connected to a clan, find a new clan that is more active. There are tons of HC clans out there that are active; I know this because my clan play mostly HC and we run into them all the time on HCTDM and HCKC.

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                        8. Re: Please stop attempting to balance the teams...

                        All I'm saying is, I was usually able to make up for my terrible team mates on previous games while playing by myself, and I have yet to be able to do that on this game, even though currently my W/L is higher.


                        Almost all of the players I currently play with are my friends in real life, and we don't exactly make friends when we play online, lol. Sh!t talking etc. Maybe if these games didn't suck so much lately some of our old GB friends would still be playing, and I'd be able to clan up with them. As it stands, during the day I'm going to have to settle for not playing I guess. I'd rather not play, then play by myself and lose.


                        Also, how were you able to look me up? The Elite system only seems to work for past games.


                        I realize there is very little I can do about it, I'm just venting. The frustration of posting those numbers and still losing is unexplainable in words.

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                          9. Re: Please stop attempting to balance the teams...

                          As long as you're not willing to change by actually making friends online instead of trash talking, you're not going to end up playing by yourself with a bunch of randoms who are not going to be good. If that means that you rather not play, then that really sucks for you and hope you can find a game that satisfies what you are looking for in a game.


                          I am able to look you up using the COD app on my Android phone.


                          Again, there is a lot you can do, as long as you are willing to change. Peyton Manning has put up great numbers for years but only has 1 championship. As long as you don't have a good supporting class behind you, you won't be able to win them all.

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