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    Need help: Muddy textures/rendering lag (caused by new patch)



      Since this is my first COD game since the old COD 2 (I'm oldschool ), I had couple of questions that you guys perhaps could help me with.


      1) First of all why is the background in this game s blurry and bright? You can't see the enemies at far (even with the highest settings). Do you have to lower the brightness? I have already disabled ambient light/SSAO or whatever and it seems to improve a bit.


      2) when you press shift and let go your character keeps on sprinting. Is there a way to make your character stop sprinting when you release the shift?


      3) Also the textures on my 7870 AMD card seem to be muddy and REALLY low res, even on highest settings. and using RadeonPro causes this game to crash. Any advice on that or is this developers' trick to unable steady 60fps in MP matches.


      And please don't say you wasted money and this game sucks . I played bf3 and that game has far more campers and annoying issues specially if you are a rusher. (off topic)


      EDIT: forgot to mention but is there a fix for the audio stutter caused with SP when the loading bar is full?

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          Re: Need some advise/help :)
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            Re: Need help: Muddy textures

            Set your Image Quality -> Extra but then that's where the FPS drops kick in and even then it's not perfectly clear. Don't feel alone here folks with GTX 780's and R9 290's are having FPS drops, Lag, Rendering Problems, SLI/CF Strobing, and the list goes on. Since Image Quality is more important try 'higher' settings but with no Anti-Aliasing, also Shadows Off is worth experimenting with in addition all of the other settings. If needed try a lower Resolution but with higher settings, and the best place tryout settings is in Squads or a Private Match.


            There is no magic pill nor miraculous settings, it's bugs, bugs and more bugs. Ghosts on the PC is perhaps the most broken CoD game.

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              Re: Need help: Muddy textures

              Same texture problem / bug here!


              This happens AFTER the patch and on Extra Settings! Textures are not loading corerectly or something else.....


              This game is a really peace of shXX!!!!

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                  Re: Need help: Muddy textures

                  Bugs..pff...it's hard not to find one.


                  I know when I updated the last patch it screwed-up all of Hardened Edition extra 'perks' and it required a GCF Procedure for Call of Duty: Ghosts to be performed and then they all came back.


                  However, Textures are nuts in this game and often they seem to load, other times they don't and worst they load while you're playing.


                  Here's an example of my renders which are not consistent so it is not your imagination; Image Quality = Extra and Texture Resolution = Extra on 2560x1440 but NO AA so yep it's jagged - http://i.imgur.com/2au3FeZ.jpg

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                  Re: Need help: Muddy textures

                  Ok thanks for the responses. It seems that the game is having issues with the new patch. They have messed up the scaling. I have made a similar thread steam and it seems that lot of people are suggesting that any res higher than 720p messes your texture. I hope they fix this because they SP was actually not bad looking and some levels had really sharp textures.


                  Any suggestions on the other issues?

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